Community Beat for 6 January | EVE Online

Community Beat for 6 January


Happy 2023 capsuleers!

The first Community Beat of the new year is here! You guys were busy generating content during the festive season and we're excited to share some of it in this news post. Thank you all!

800b+ Dread Brawl in Pure Blind over an Athanor.

While PL/Horde & Brave/Volta/Blob were busy blasting each other with Dreads and Battleships, and The Imperium rushing to get into the action, a Brave miner was seen mining some Copious Titanite - undeterred by the noise in the background.

He later died.

Here's the Battle Report for the rest of the fight.

Titan Memes 5

Youtuber IamTired posted the fifth video in his Titan Memes series and it's fantastic. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

EVE London February 11th

EVE London returns for a spring social at the Oyster Shed. This player gathering in the heart of London is sure to be a blast! If you're looking to attend, you can find more information about it on Eventbrite.

Great start to the New Year!

That is it for this edition for the Community Beat.

We're excited to see what adventures you get into as we embark into 2023. See you for the next Community Beat on the 20th!