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Curse Alliance membership drops drastically - Alliance leadership not concerned

2005-01-09 - Por Svarthol

In the days since the last article on the Curse Alliance, its member count went from roughly 2300 to around 700. Although it is impossible for us to confirm which corporations have definitively left the Curse Alliance, we received a list of those that have taken up Stain Empire’s offer from thebold. These corporations have presumably left the Curse Alliance, for various reasons. The list numbers around 30.

Judging from the number of corporations that are still left, these corporations are Kill on Sight to Stain and Xetic forces, it would seem that the rumours surrounding the demise of the Curse Alliance are true.

I had the chance to speak to Foyle, Curse Alliance leader, who denied Curse’s death. She explained the departure of Shinra and Supremacy as something those corporations had to do, for their own member base’s morale. They are still on friendly terms with the Curse Alliance and will be missed by most.

When confronted with the steep decline in members due to the offer of the Stain Empire, Foyle had this to say:

"Those corporations are regarded as having superb standings, as if they were still part of the curse alliance, regardless of any NAP with SE."

The corporations that have taken up Stains offer might decide to create an alliance in the Great Wildlands region, Foyle will regard any ex-CA member of such an alliance as friendly, whilst other members that were not a part of the Curse Alliance will be set to Kill on Sight status.

Of course, I asked her about the Stain ceasefire offer, of which one of the terms is disbanding the Curse Alliance, to which she responded that the Curse Alliance will not dissolve, for anything.

When confronted with the rumours that some corporations were kicked from the alliance, she made the following statement:

"We felt that some corporations might take the opportunity to remove the alliance leadership, in order to comply with SE's demands. Since CA will never succumb to politics, I felt that it was necessary to remove some corporations from the Alliance. It was a hard decision to make, but unfortunately a needed one"

Foyle is sure that many of the corporations understand her decision to temporarily remove them from the alliance and is confident that they will take up the offer to rejoin at a later date. She explained to me that in the time the Curse Alliance has existed, good friendships were forged between people and that these corporations are free to re-join the Curse Alliance after the troubles die down.

From my conversation with Foyle, I got the impression that she is very confident that the Curse Alliance will be reborn in the near future. Whether or not this confidence is misplaced is not sure at this point. Naturally, the surviving Curse Alliance will not be as strong as before, with most of its major fighting corporations leaving. Still, it is this reporters’ opinion that the friendships and bonds forged during Curse’s long existence will make sure that this Alliance survives, and will continue to survive, well into the future.