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E-ON #009 and ads

2007-08-05 - Por Svarthol

Just a quick word about E-ON #009, which will be coming out the first week in October: If any person, website, corp or alliance are considering creating an advert to go in the next issue (which will be sent out the first week in October), we'll need final pdf-ready versions by 10th September (which, also happens to be the date the EVE TV crew returns from covering the Fourth Alliance Tournament).

Details on advertising in E-ON is covered in this blog. Readers will be aware that there is a two-page ad in the latest issue, which means that 'spreads' (or a DPS, as they are known in the trade) will now be considered for inclusion, so long as we are sent drafts early enough. A DPS can be a tricky beast as the designer has to consider binding and such, so if you are thinking about designing a spread ad, get in touch early and send in your designs so we can together ensure they look super. The cost for a DPS ad is 1bn ISK.

As ever, is the place to get in touch on all matters ad related.