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EVElopedia Beta

2008-12-10 - Por CCP VonSometime

We bring you news of something awesome, which as usual took its time to get to you. We can‘t help it. We get protective over incredible things and keep fiddling and adding substance until we are happy.


Officially Official

Finally we have an Official EVE wiki. One which can be viewed in game (read only). One with an up to date Item Database, yes, finally! One for you to grow and help us make the most incredible player resource in town. Official CCP pages are marked accordingly so you can be sure that the information is correct.  EVElopedia operates as a standard MediaWiki with a few additional tweaks to make it EVEtastic.


Everything in Moderation

We have decided to go with a full moderation initially and possibly bring it down a notch once we all get the feel for how it's progressing. Our team YARR, a division of ISD, will handle moderation of the wiki as mentioned in CCP Fear‘s blog in July. They will be responsible for handling the site, and they will be making sure that all new articles and changes to existing ones are accurate and meet our standards. The rules are very similar to the TOS and EULA, and there are similar repercussions for misbehavior as those used on the EVE Online message boards.


You + Us = Wintastic

Over the next several months you will see more and more official EVE information fed into the EVElopedia. It will be 'the place to be' to get help and information but, as we all know, love is a two-way street. We have kicked off the wiki with over 6,000 pages, provided you with a sexytime EVE site and assigned a whole team of champions who will make sure no one does something silly like put BEWBS as a replacement for punctuation. Your part is to help us grow this into the most comprehensive information portal in the history of EVE Online.


Expert players can share their knowledge and help n00bs grow up to be big bad Corporation members. You can write up player events and even expand upon information on Items in the Items Database.


Go forth, explore, and grow the EVE universe. Your community awaits it.