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Gavit Torash to become Holder

2006-05-07 - Por Svarthol

In a press conference held on his future estate, Gavit Torash announced that he will officially become Holder of House Torash through a ceremony that is rarely performed in modern Amarr society. He next announced sweeping changes in House Torash’s interstellar policies. Afterwards, he thanked Amarrian paramilitaries for their aid lend to the troubled House after the death of his father.

Although reluctant to release details on how the house will be changing, Gavit claimed that once he has been made Holder of House Torash he will not only change the infrastructure of the house but also its involvement in interstellar affairs. With the date for the ceremony fast approaching, speculations on the nature of these changes have been widespread. One favorite theory is that the soon-to-be Holder sees an opportunity in working together with capsuleer pilots in securing a niche for House Torash in interstellar politics.

Details about the ceremony itself aren't well known outside the Amarr Empire. One component, however, is known to be vital to its execution; the presence of a member of an Amarrian Heir family, in this case the Kor-Azor family. Artico Kor-Azor himself is not expected to make an appearance, it is likely that one of his cousins will attend instead.

Invitations for the ceremony have already been sent out to Amarrian Holders. Perhaps more surprisingly, an extended list of invited individuals also include important figures from outside the Empire, namely dignitaries from the Caldari State, Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic.

Representatives from the Kor-Azor family claim that Gavit Torash has been granted the right to the ceremony by virtue of his grandfather's importance to the family. Several hundred years ago, House Torash played an important part in modernizing one of their slave-run estate’s industrial capabilities, increasing wheat and livestock output vastly. The extra resources were donated to the Kor-Azor family, who used them to alleviate threat of famine on one of their own worlds.

An anonymous source within the Republic Parliament, however, commented that "It is despicable that the Heir would attempt to use these circumstances merely as propaganda in a time when they should be grieving and rebuilding. Surely a house of such importance would receive more than a simple ceremony in its time of need?" House Kor-Azor itself declined to comment on this statement, although it is bound to strain relations further between the Kor-Azor family and the Minmatar Republic.