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Last Transmission

2008-01-07 - Por Svarthol

Querious. Sources inside Hedion University have revealed that one of their research scout ships, the Celestial, has disapeared under mysterious circumstances inside the Querious region. Consisting of contested nullsec space, the ship was apparently searching within the area for solar anomalies and uncharted nebulai.

What little is known of the disappearance has been gleaned from the last data transmission received. Unfortunately some of the data was corrupted beyond recognition, however portions of the logs have been recovered.

What follows is an excerpt from the official transcript of the captain Ethan Ramual.
"....impossible situat......power to the...fluctuating.......attempts to rectify failed.....ance not operable.....of a labyrinth, unable to get beari.....i repeat mayd......vigation systems failed, guidance not.......".
This is the last transmission.

The university has sent further ships to the area, starting with their last known position in the system named 8-SNUD. No sign of the ship has yet been found. The theory at the moment is that the ship encountered an anomaly which destabilised or damaged the navigation and power systems. With no way to navigate or communicate, the ship would be adrift in space reliant on crew members abilities to estimate correct spacial orientation.

Sources have told us that the search area will expand, unofficially there is some concern that the stricken ship may have made it into the Catch region which would present an infeasibly large search area.

The search continues in the hope that they will be found or that the Celestial finds its way back to familiar territories.