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2007-04-24 - Por Svarthol

Relief Efforts Underway for Caldari Children LUMINAIRE - Offers of aid have begun pouring in to the Caldari Border Region in response to the overwhelming needs faced by children living within the child home system in the area. The Servant Sisters of Eve (SSOE) have begun organizing a charitable collection that they intend on delivering to the region and several corporations have offered aid packages that will be delivered to SSOE for distribution, among them Quafe, Fedmart and Combined Harvest.

"We at Quafe are appalled by the sub-human conditions these little children must suffer," said Quafe spokeman Agencourt Ambrulle, Chief Public Relations Coordinator for the Gallente drink giant, at a recent press conference. "A freighter full of basic necessities, including refreshing Quafe drinks, is being delivered to the Sisters relief effort even as we speak." The freighter of goods, bound for the SSOE collection point in the Luminaire system, was launched with what was described by some observers as a "grossly inappropriate" amount of self promotion for a humanitarian mission. The final container full of goods was 'sealed with a kiss' by Quafe spokesmodels in attire more suited to a swimming pool than a space freighter, and the Quafe logo was prominently displayed on the packaging for the actual supplies as well.

Freighters from FedMart and Combined Harvest made their way to the SSOE collection point with substantially less fanfare. Leveraging their massive presence in the retail goods and agriculture sections respectively, the Gallente giants sent containers laden with clothing, educational supplies, and foodstuffs to SSOE. Tranard Arnoche, Distribution Manager for FedMart, was in charge of arranging the allocation and shipment of the goods from FedMart warehouses, and described the effort as being driven by "the basic human obligation to aid those in need."

Response from the Caldair Border Region community has been strong, with several Caldari capsuleer alliances immediately offering donations of supplies and financial aid as well. However, the response to the aid offers has not been entirely positive. While some have applauded the efforts of the Gallente humanitarian efforts, many Caldari loyalists have expressed serious levels of concern regarding both the need for the operation, and with the ultimate intent of the SSOE in what they see as meddling in Caldari affairs. The viability and safety of any relief mission by SSOE has also been called into question, with many citing the Kassigainen incident as having established a very poor precedent for Gallente relief missions in Caldari space.

The Sukuuvestaa Corporation, the dominant Caldari corporation in the Sivala region and owner of five of the now closed homes, has ignored all requests for official comment to date.

The previous article published by The Scope inadvertently contained two errors we would like to correct at this time. First, we referred to the funding managed by CSD as 'federal' in an over simplification of the management process associated with these homes. Secondly, the Gallente term of 'creche' was used to describe the homes, which is inaccurate for facilities within the Caldari State.