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Republic Justice Accepts Thukker Demand for Krullefor

2009-09-18 - Por Svarthol

Pator - The Minmatar Republic will not ask the Thukker tribe to release the apprehended fugitive crime lord Baliggan Krullefor. This decision was reached in a special meeting yesterday between the Republic’s most senior judges and several members of Sanmatar Shakor’s government.

The emergency session was held in response to an announcement from Thukker Mix claiming their refusal to extradite Krullefor to Republic authorities. Following the conclusion of the meeting, representatives of this assembly declared that the Thukker demands for Krullefor would not be challenged by the Republic.

Public reaction to the announcement has been mixed. "It's a shame to see tribal relations deteriorate like this," says Yuce Velkhamme, a Vherokior merchant on Matar.

In Molden Heath, where the Krullefor Family was based, there are others eager to comment on the fate of Baliggan Krullefor. Magellek Fruterol, a miner in the Weld system, said, "It's an outrage. A man who has done so much evil in the Republic will not rot in our jail."

"I don't trust the Thukkers for a second, said Gothi Hurjafren, a clerk in the Skarkon system. "I wouldn't be surprised if the Thukkers organized the whole thing."

Thukker Mix stated that Krullefor will serve time for his offenses under Thukker tribal law, and that his 19 years in Republic prison will be taken into account in his sentencing.