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Rogue Amarr agent captured under suspicious circumstances

2005-03-08 - Por Svarthol

In these days of high speed space warfare, if an organisation is trying to capture someone it is infinitely simpler to locate their clone and stake it out until their natural actions or hired guns make the consciousness animate the body. Physically capturing a pilot is unfeasible and expensive.

It is this very reason which has surrounded the operation to capture a rogue Amarr Imperial agent with mystery. Two days ago (Sunday), an Amarr Patrol frigate was seen scouting r3-k7k for pilot installations.

Lord Sorn, a representative for the ministry of war, recruited pilots from the surrounding systems to capture this pilots ship intact, a goal they achieved with the minimum of fuss.

The pilot, who was curiously operating his ship on silent running and not communicating on any channels was told to dock in the Zoar and Sons station in Misaba. It was escorted all of the way there.

Tragedy almost struck when the ship was on the verge of docking, when a pirate named Viceroy, opened fire on the captured vessel, destroying it, but his ship was destroyed by the escort fleet before he could eliminate the pod. The captured pilot docked safely but no word on his fate since the mission has been released.

Records show that the pilot who was captured, Jorvel Nekarr, has up until this incident been a fine upstanding member of the imperial navy. His promotion prospects were above average and he has successfully completed several high profile missions during the last 50 years of his career. This move by him has been remarked as extremely out of character by those who knew him well.

All attempts to enquire about the incident with navy officials have been refused.