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SAK: CreoDron's Future Discoveries Belong to All Humanity

2009-03-10 - Por Svarthol

Todaki - Following today's sensational announcement by CreoDron, the School of Applied Knowledge urged the Gallente corporation not to regard the potential findings as their property, but rather to share with all scientific organizations in New Eden.

Speaking for the School, Professor Aineta Bikko, head of the astrophysics department, said, "It would be wrong, both from a moral and practical standpoint, to think that the vast wealth of knowledge hidden behind these phenomena can belong to any single entity - be it an individual, a corporation, or a government. We applaud the CreoDron's determination and courage to be one of the first to travel through one of these wormholes, but we also ask the corporation's management not to withhold the information from us or anyone else."

CreoDron representatives did not comment on the appeal, but some commentators think the gesture to be noble in form and naïve in principle.

"It goes without saying that any and all discoveries made by CreoDron will be first and foremost used for the corporation's benefit," said Mark Ingro, editor-in-chief of the Insider View newsletter. "Whether they will share the leftovers with anyone is another question, but it would be insane to expect any philanthropic motivations from them."