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Securing The Bleak Lands - A Beginning

2008-06-12 - Por Svarthol

The CONCORD Assembly’s authorisation of the “Emergency Militia War Powers Act” has lead to capsuleers all over new Eden joining the Amarr Militia in order to support the Empire. Admittedly the numbers of pilots that have joined the militia thus far have been lower than some of the other factions; however those taking up the cause have none the less been effective. In the last two days our righteous pilots have managed to kill more hostile pilots per militia member than two of the three factions.

This disparity between membership in each factional militia has not gone unnoticed by some of our members, with Habraka commenting: “We're facing a difficult time at the moment, the enemy is more organised and has more numbers.” We found Habraka alone; defending the contested system of Sahtogas, and attempting to prevent it from falling into hostile hands by recapturing strategic positions: “defending this system alone - That's what happens when your militia is badly outnumbered”.

However, after twenty five minutes of perseverance Habraka was joined by four allies who assisted him in the task of re-securing the system. Nexnecis Umbra explained his reasoning for taking up Habraka’s call: “[I wished to] assist the fleet and he gave me the opportunity”. It took this small team just 35-40 minutes to successfully secure the system, but with many more systems still to be captured or re-secured we leave you with this piece of encouragement:

“I firmly believe we will fight back and repel the invaders, after all, willpower and determination are what characterizes the Amarr” – Habraka