Seek Your Destiny | EVE Online

Seek Your Destiny

2021-07-06 - Por EVE Online Team

It can be challenging for a freshly minted capsuleer to know exactly which way to turn. The sheer open-endedness of EVE Online means that the paths available to you are essentially limitless – this world is what you make it. To help you get started, the first test phase of Opportunities is going live as part of our ongoing efforts to embrace new capsuleers into the fold: a feature intended to suggest activities to pursue and give ideas on what you need to strive towards your chosen path.

This is an initial test phase for now and will only be available to new characters. The results of this phase will be used to further develop the feature with the aim of improving the new player experience and helping newcomers find relevant content tailored to their interests and aptitudes. Want to be a humble miner in a core system? Want to seek out the criminals of the universe and put them to justice? Want to build your own industrial or military empire? Or would you rather be an explorer on the outer fringes of the cluster?

Whatever your aim, the interactive Opportunities interface will guide you and provide suggestions based on your choices and actions, in whatever direction you might want to go. Set clear goals and find your best role in the swirling sandbox of this gigantic universe.