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Solar Fleet Clashes With Wildly Inappropriate in CFYY-J

2009-08-04 - Por Svarthol

CFYY-J, Geminate - The Solar Fleet alliance engaged a fleet of Wildly Inappropriate and its allies last Saturday afternoon. The fight lasted for nearly two hours and resulted in approximately 70 capital ship casualties in total.

More than 300 pilots took part in the fight, including 90 Dreadnought and 40 Carrier class ships. Approximately 120 of the participating pilots were allied to Solar Fleet, facing an opposition fleet of Wildly Inappropriate, Morsus Mihi and Razor Alliance pilots.

The CFYY-J solar system was a major bridgehead for Solar Fleet logistics. Wildly Inappropriate and their allies had reinforced the last remaining Solar Fleet control tower last Thursday, which would come out of reinforcement mode on Saturday.

In anticipation of the battle, Solar Fleet tried to guard the system by repairing the Cynosural System Jammer, which denies jump drive capable capital ships from jumping into solar systems. However, WI and their allies managed to disable the jammer again, thus enabling them to deploy their capital fleet into the CFYY-J solar system.

The two fleets engaged on Saturday afternoon after the large control tower came out of reinforced mode. 36 Dreadnoughts and 9 Carriers were lost by the Solar Fleet forces and 24 Dreadnoughts were lost by WI and their allies, who held the fleet at battle's end.

"When we moved into Geminate, WI simply seeked to claim its space and remove other entities [sovereignty] from the region."... says podpilot Tomcat of Wildly Inappropriate. "Our first strike on the tower in CFYY-J in early June prompted them to launch a full attack on the K25-XD station system. WI successfully defended against that attack, and then deployed to Pure Blind to assist allies against Triumvirate".

Tomcat continues: "WI once again decided to initiate a strike on the CFYY-J system to once again attempt to remove this hostile logistics capability from our space."

Wildly Inappropriate managed to destroy two remaining control towers after the capital fight, which broke the level 3 sovereignty Solar Fleet had in CFYY-J. The solar system has neutral sovereignty as of Sunday.

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