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State Fleet Destroyed in Ishomilken

2009-01-23 - Por Svarthol

A State Protectorate fleet was annihilated early this week by a Federal Defence force led by Mitch Taylor. Reports indicate a 10:1 kill ratio with 42 ships destroyed (including a dozen pods) and only 4 losses.  

Seizing on an opportunity to destroy a control tower coming out of reinforced mode in Notoras, Mitch Taylor assembled a fleet of approximately 65 pilots. Although the corporation that deployed the starbase is not formally a member of the State Protectorate, the destruction of it was enough to raise a State fleet in Nourvukaiken.

After almost 30 minutes of trying to draw the State fleet into Tama at the Nourvukaiken stargate, early warning pickets reported that the State fleet was attempting to flank the Federals by coming through Usi . Taylor successfully forced a Caldari scout to break contact with his fleet, and quickly made for the Ishomilken star system undetected.

With no warning of what was waiting for them, the State fleet arriving in Ishomilken was ambushed and crushed without mercy; over a dozen enemy corpses were left floating in space.