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Warring houses hold peace summit in Kor-Azor Prime.

2007-01-16 - Por Svarthol

AMARR - Monday saw representatives of the Houses Darabi and Miyan meet in Kor-Azor Prime for talks to settle the recent hostilities between them. The peace talks were chaired by capsuleer Ashar KorAzor. The summit was attended by numerous pod pilots from corporations operating across Amarr space and elsewhere.

Quickly settling down, Iraj Darabi, the Holder of House Darabi allowed Ambassador Kaselia to outline their objectives for the summit. These included a full apology by House Miyan to Iraj's daughter Mina, to the citizens of House Darabi, and a full apology to House Darabi for slander. Along with these demands, House Darabi also footed a bill of five billion ISK in costs during the short war.

In response, Ambassador Spoor, speaking on behalf of Holder Toraj Miyan attacked the intentions of Mina Darabi, and accused Holder Darabi of sending his daughter "to provoke a response that would provide a reason for war." House Miyan demanded a full and public apology to the claims made by House Darabi, and a sum of seven billion ISK to be paid in reparations to House Miyan. In keeping with Amarr tradition, House Darabi would become a vassal house under House Miyan.

Both houses also made territorial demands, House Darabi laid claim to the Nebian system, while House Miyan wished for House Darabi to be removed completely from the system.

As the demands were laid out, the discussion fired, with Commodore Harkan, one of House Miyan's fleet personnel confronting Mina Darabi directly. In the resulting scuffle, Mina Darabi was fainted, and security personnel moved in to calm the situation. The talks ended in gridlock, with a 48 hour ceasefire in place while Iraj Darabi and Mina Darabi remained in Kor-Azor prime to recover from the summit.

Soon after the summit, an industrial transporter from Darabi was attacked by Miyan forces lead by Captain Burr. Burr suspected the transporter was carrying military equipment, but could not offer proof for his assertions. Toraj Miyan removed Captain Burr from command and House Miyan. However, House Darabi considered this attack a violation of the ceasefire, and hostilities recommenced between House Miyan and House Darabi.