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Your Year In EVE

2021-12-17 - Por EVE Online Team

It’s almost the end of another stellar year in EVE Online, and that means it’s time to celebrate your life in New Eden over the last 12 months. Omega pilots can check their email now for your personalized video, charting triumphs, achievements, and mishaps in 2021! Share your video for a chance to win exciting prizes!

Your personalized video draws on your activity in EVE to paint a picture of how you’ve left your mark on New Eden this year. Just like last year we'll be looking at your activities from 1 January until 30 November. From exploration to PvP, mission-running to manufacturing, these videos provide a precise snapshot of what EVE’s meant to you in 2021 - and what you’ve meant to EVE.

Share your highlights directly from the website using the hashtag #MyEVE2021! Winners will be selected on 17 January 2022, allowing them to kickstart their New Eden adventure in style.

As we approach a new year in EVE, don’t miss this opportunity to sit back and enjoy your personalized review of 2021! Head on over to the EVE Online Forums if you have any questions about your video, or if you just want to show off to fellow Capsuleers!