EVE Fanfest 2023 | 21-23 Sept | Reykjavik, Iceland | EVE Online

Fanfest 2023

Celebrate 20 years of EVE

Reykjavik 21-23 Sept

EVE Fanfest starts in


EVE Fanfest 2023

EVE Fanfest 2023 will offer an extraordinary, magical and unique experience like no other in the world of gaming!

Player camaraderie


Hangouts with devs


Fanfest 2023 events

What to see and what to do at Fanfest


EVE Fanfest is returning to Reykjavik, Iceland, celebrating 20 years of EVE Online!

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Party at the top of the world

The prestigious and phenomenal Party At The Top Of The World, taking place at Laugardalshöll Arena!

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Golden Circle with Devs

Experience Iceland through the Golden Circle Tour while accompanied by EVE Online Developers.

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Pub crawl

The infamous Fanfest Pub Crawl around the downtown Reykjavík area returns!

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Iceland Children's Hospital dinner with CEO and devs at CCP HQ

Join EVE Fanfest attendees and devs for a special reception and a wonderful evening!

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Silent Auction

Leave some room in your suitcase because you'll be wanting to take one of these hot items home with you!

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Presentations and Panels

Developers and players present gripping material on game design, balance, art, tech, lore and more.

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FlyOver Iceland with EVE Online Devs

The Ultimate Flying Ride with EVE Online Developers

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Spouse program - Sisters of EVE Tour

Fanfest 2023 attendees - partners, friends or family can enjoy the Spouse Program!

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Reykjavik City Tour

Historian Stefán Pálsson and EVE Devs take you on a walk around downtown Reykjavik where we visit city landsmarks and historic places in the evolution of CCP Games and EVE Fanfest.

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FANFEST Hotel offers

Hotels within a close walking distance from the downtown area.

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Fanfest Extra Events

There are many off-site activities happening in the EVE Fanfest week in and around Reykjavik. Some are free and open to all but others require extra tickets. We hope to see having a blast at as many of these as you can handle!

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Fanfest Partner Restaurants and Bars

Various bars in Reykjavík will be our partners for Fanfest, some will be offering special discounts and event themed environments. Don’t be afraid to check them out and to get discount then have your Fanfest pass by your side.

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Iceland is known to be one of the best places in the world to see and experience the Northern Lights. Who knows, you might get to see their spectacular display!

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A geothermal spa inspired by Icelandic nature and culture. Ideal to relax and soak during or after the Fanfest festivities!

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More information regarding the Fanfest 2023 events and program will be coming soon!

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Traveling to Iceland

Essential information on traveling to Iceland by air or sea, plus offers and info on flights, hotel accommodation, airport transfers and car rental for Fanfest attendees.

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Fanfest offers

Offers and information for Fanfest attendees on how to make the most of your time In Iceland with tours, excursions, plus other fantastic and unique experiences.

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Photos from previous Fanfests

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