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Lost Helios Full of Mystery

2011-07-26 - Publié par Svarthol

J105934, Unknown – Capsuleer discovers Helios of missing researcher, but only learns of its mysterious origin after she blows it up.

For Corialis Wyr, what started as a typical exploration run into a rival’s wormhole territory ended with a bizarre turn of events. She was flying with her wingman Philgood, who scanned down a pack of six unmanned Helios ships in the wormhole. Just as they were about to try to steal them and take them home for Transmission Lost (LOST), their rivals Aperature Harmonics (AHARM) returned. They played cat and mouse for a while but eventually decided to withdraw back to LOST territory.

Something about those Helios ships lured Corialis Wyr back into AHARM’s home system. When she jumped through, she did not expect to be right on top of a fleet in process of closing the wormhole. As she warped away, she could see the wormhole closing, leaving her trapped and hunted. Her pursuers gave chase for a while, but in due course, she was able to evade them. Finally alone, she was able to scan down the six floating Helios' again. It proved to be too difficult to take the ships, as her hunters may return at any time... so she decided to shoot them, assuming they belonged to her rivals. The cargo, a single unit of Trinary Data was destroyed. An attempt at salvage puzzled her even further when she found nothing to be looted.

Enter recently defected Caldari scientist Hilen Tukoss. Ordinarily this event would hardly raise an eyebrow, however, after Dr. Tukoss contacted Corialis Wyr asking about the destroyed ships some questions needed to be raised. Dr. Tukoss found out about these ships through the CONCORD network, which shows them registered to Lianda Burreau. Dr. Tukoss seemed very interested in verifying the identity of the pilot listed as owner of these ships. It turns out that Lianda Burreau was a scientist working with Hilen Tukoss a few years back when wormholes were first discovered. Lianda was apparently on an expedition into the first wormhole when she disappeared along with her companions in a small Helios fleet.

When asked if Dr. Tukoss mentioned why he was interested in the ship, Corialis replied, "No, no one knows why he was interested." As to whether Dr. Tukoss was more interested in the data or in finding the missing pilot, Corialis said, "In his first communication, he did not mention either, he simply asked me to confirm the name and corp of the pilot whose craft I destroyed. He has never mentioned either Dr. Burreau or the data to me specifically."

We know from recent news reports that Dr. Tukoss has defected to Eram, Minmatar Republic space, with a Charon named Arek'jaalan. He seems to be building something inside the freighter, but no one really knows what.

What we do know is that whatever was in those six Helios' that Corialis Wyr shot down is of great interest to many.

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