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Alliance Logo Submissions - Streamlining the Process

2008-10-23 - 作者 CCP Loktofeit

Out with the Old, In with the New

The Alliance Logo System is a feature that allows players to submit unique and custom icons to appear in game for their alliances. The submission process up to this point has sufficed, but we felt it was time to revisit it in order to create a more streamlined and effective path for both the players and the developers.  As a result, we have redesigned the submission system in order to offer clearer criteria for submitted logos and to streamline the process by which they are submitted and approved. All previous submissions have been purged from the database in preparation for the new system.

Submission Criteria

Images must meet the following specifications

  • 128x128 pixels
  • Corp name, images, highlights, and effects must be on separate layers
  • Text may be vector shaped or rasterized
  • Photoshop (PSD) format must be used
  • Images are to be appropriate for EVE online

We have a PSD template available that you can use to help insure your logo will get accepted.

Download Template (89k)

For those that do not own Photoshop, these are links to a few free graphic programs that are capable of loading and saving PSD files.

GIMP 2.0 - //

Paint.NET - //

                The PSD plugin for Paint.NET can be found here

 Submission Process

Only alliance executor corporation CEOs will be able to submit logos. Only logos from alliances that have been in effect for six months or more and have over 150 active members will be accepted.

All submissions must be made through the Alliance Logo page. Submissions will be processed in batches, and accepted logos will be added directly to the game during subsequent client updates. Submissions that are rejected will be discarded, and no notification will be given regarding rejections. It is imperative to make sure the file is in the proper format and meets all criteria presented on this page.

Review Process and Acceptance Process

Once the submission period has ended, the files are downloaded by the community team and go through the first phase of review.  After the most obvious rejections have been weeded out (inappropriate content, not meeting basic image criteria, copyrighted material, etc), the remaining logos will be passed on to the Atlanta Art Department.  A basic clean up of the individual logos will occur at this point. Any images requiring too much work to clean up or that do not meet criteria will be removed, and the remaining will be passed to our Art Department in Iceland. This is where final inspection and approval/rejection occurs.

Submissions approved for game integration will be packaged together for addition in the next available major patch. Approved logos will be listed on the Alliance Logo page following acceptance and addition to the game.

We feel that the combination of the new criteria system and the streamlined review process will allow for more acceptable entries into the system and a faster turnaround in getting them into the game for the players.

  • CCP Loktofeit