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Alliance Tournament Late Signups available until Friday June 13th

2014-06-11 - 作者 CCP Phantom

Greetings capsuleers!

As of the end of the official signup period for Alliance Tournament XII entries, 63 eligible teams have entered the competition. To ensure that as many alliances as possible are given the opportunity to experience the tournament, we are re-opening a special latecomer’s entry until 23:59 UTC on Friday June 13th to fill the one (1) final spot. This final spot will be determined purely through a random draw. No auction will be used for any of the slots in Alliance Tournament XII.

All teams that properly signed up for the tournament before the earlier deadline of June 8th have already secured their spot in the tournament, and none of those teams will be displaced by this second round of entries.

To apply for this second round of Tournament entries, the CEO character of your alliance executor corporation must contract 5 PLEX to the character “CCP Fozzie”. This contract will only be accepted if your alliance is successful in the draw. The same character must then send an EVE-Mail to “CCP Fozzie” with the following information:

  • The name of the character that will serve as your alliance’s tournament team captain in Alliance Tournament XII.
  • One (1) “knock knock” joke, as an extra entry cost in penance for missing the first round of applications.

The CCP Alliance Tournament team will randomly draw one of the eligible latecomer entries to fill the final spot in Alliance Tournament XII. The winner of the draw and all appropriate knock knock jokes will be published by CCP on Monday, June 16th. More information on the tournament preparations, including the date that the Duality practice server will be opened to competitors, will be announced at a later point.

As a reminder, the full text of the rules and schedule for Alliance Tournament XII can be found in this dev blog.

Thank you, and good luck to all competing alliances.