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Alliance Tournament X announced!

2012-03-23 - 作者 CCP Loxy

CCP Unifex, during the EVE Keynote at Fanfest 2012, announced that the 10th Alliance Tournament will begin on June 30, 2012.

With new Battlecruisers, boosted Destroyers and enhanced Assault Frigates,  we will be spicing up the rule set once again and bringing in some new faces and fresh ideas for EVE TV's coverage. There will be future Dev Blogs on the tournament in the coming weeks which will cover the rules, broadcast schedule and sign up details.

For those who missed the last one - all the matches from Alliance Tournament VII, VIII and IX are available on CCP's YouTube channel.

EVE TV's Player Commentator Team

We will once again be opening up the application process for players who would like to be PVP commentators, these elite players are handpicked by us to fly out to Iceland for the tournament finals played over the final two weekends.

As a commentator you'll be on the set discussing the tournament, tactics, teams and talking with developers about EVE live on air. You'll also take shifts in the commentary booth providing live commentary on the matches themselves. You need to know your PvP and you need to know how to keep on talking!

Alliance Tournament X will take place over four consecutive weekends starting on Saturday, June 30 and ending with the grand final on Sunday, July 22.You'll be flown out to Reykjavik, Iceland to join the team here at CCP HQ to help us run the show during the live broadcast of the two final weekends. Flights (from all Icelandairdestinations) and accommodation are supplied by us. All you need is a little spending money.

So you're interested? Next step is to check this short list and make sure you match what we're looking for!

  • Can you come out and play?Selected players will need to hold a valid passport (we will require scans to confirm this at a later stage) and be available to fly to Iceland on the Wednesday, July 11 and returning home on Monday, July 23.
  • A sense of humor is a must:commentators will need to be sharp-witted, knowledgeable, presentable and comfortable with talking on camera and into a microphone. To greater the chances of getting through, we highly recommend submitting any pre-made or purpose filmed video you have of yourself (link to a YouTube clip!) as part of your application.
  • You need to know your PvP: We don't despise industrialists, mission-runners and miners but as this is a PvP tournament and you need to be well versed.
  • You must be 21+ in order to apply.

If you are interested in taking part, please email us at evetv@ccpgames.comby 23:59 GMT (Eve Time) on Sunday April 29, 2012 with the following information. Those lucky enough to be selected for the second round of eliminations must be available to attend voice chat interviews on Saturday, May 5, 2012. The chosen commentators will be announced by May 9, 2012.

  • Character and real name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Nationality and current country of residence.
  • Tell us about yourself, both in game and out. Remember what you're applying for and sell yourself to that effect.
  • Confirm you are available between the 11th and 23rd of July to fly to Iceland. If you need to book time off work / school please don't do it until we accept you; but please check that it is possible, if there is any doubt here please let us know.
  • Remember your applying to be on TV! Include any multimedia you think shows you off, all of the people chosen for the last Tournament had sent in video clips/links to YouTube!

Remember applications close on April, 29 so get mailing!

As with every year the Tournament Team will be at Fanfest 2012 running the Fanfest PvP Tournament. We encourage anyone interested in becoming a commentator to talk to us on site.

A final note: The Tournament from the perspective of a commentator is an amazing experience. You get to take part in a unique production, fly to Iceland, get a tour around the CCP office and chat to developers like almost no other players will ever get the chance to. But with great power comes great responsibility, planning and promotional shows take place during the weeks up to the final show and you may not be asked to fly to Iceland if you fail to take part, or become unavailable during this time!

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