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Amarr Militia Awards Faithful Pilots

2008-06-15 - 作者 Svarthol

Capsuleers who perform exceptional work for the militia, either by capturing strategic locations, or completing dangerous missions, are rewarded by the organisation with promotions. The prestigious ranks available at the upper echelons of the militia have been established to recognise pilots that strive far beyond their starting rank of Paladin Crusader.

In the last 48 hours the first promotions have been issued, giving the devoted few new ranks ranging from Templar Lieutenant, all the way up to Imperator Captain. Darth A30NZ is one capsuleer that has reached the rank of Arch Lieutenant; we asked him about the ways he has earned this new title: "I have led some fleets into Minmatar space to take control of bunkers, [with] very few losses."

In much the same way Alavara has reached the rank of Templar Lieutenant. However, he believed the militia could do more to incentivise pod pilots: "They could be better. I heard discussion of special ships and modules, [or maybe] a custom paint scheme for my ship."

A committed number obviously do not require any more incentive beyond that of the recognition gained by a higher rank, as some have already progressed much further up the ranks of the militia. Ankhesentapemkah has already reached the glorious rank of Imperator Captain. It is only a matter of time until one of our top militia members secures the highest title that can be awarded, Divine Commodore.