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Amarr Navy skirmish with Khanid forces

2005-08-21 - 作者 Svarthol

The Col system, sources have recently revealed, was the site for an eventful skirmish between a small force of Amarr Navy ships, led by Rezini Hazaza, and a Khanid patrol. The Khanid patrol was led by Daro Hanau, a pilot serving with the Dark Amarr for almost three years.

Both sides of the scuffle rallied support from the pod pilots in system, but to the great surprise of the Amarr Navy ships that were left badly damaged after the fight, these pilots turned their guns on the Navy amid shouts of "They're all Amarr to me!" and "They dropping anything valuable?".

Hanau and many of the Khanid apparently survived the battle with their ships intact, but the large majority of the Amarr Navy force was destroyed. Hazaza lost both his ship and his escape pod. The Khanid patrol denied Hazaza's claims about the Emperor's assassination, proclaiming "CONCORD has filled your head with lies!", but it seems that the Empire has already passed judgement on Dark Amarr.

The tension has been building since the galaxy learned about the CONCORD investigation into Khanid's connection with Doriam II's assassination and many fear that this is just a taster of more terrible conflict to come. Chamberlain Karsoth refused to comment on the issue, neither refuting nor supporting the claims that Hazaza was acting independently in Col.