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BREAKING NEWS: Dramatic Battle For Sovereignty In Y-2ANO

2010-01-03 - 作者 Svarthol

Y-2ANO, Fountain - In the early hours of today, multiple titans were lost in a dramatic battle between the combined forces of Pandemic Legions, Goonswarm, Northern Coalition and other allies and capsuleers from IT Alliance.

During the battle, Pandemic Legion state that their fleet was disarrayed by a spatial distortion, reportedly causing the loss of at least 4 titans and several capital ships.

According to sources inside Pandemic Legion, the clash began when IT alliance attempted to seize Y-2ANO following a botched sovereignity transfer between the system's former holder - Sons Of Tangra - and Goonswarm alliance.

Preliminary reports indicate that IT Alliance pilots discretely onlined a Tactical Control Unit yesterday afternoon. After that, they set up several staging points and ammassed a fleet of over 600 ships to defend the unit. The fleet reportedly comprised several titans along with capital and support vessels.

Pandemic Legion and its allies rallied to storm the onlining TCU to prevent the system falling to IT Alliance. Pandemic Legion's fleet reportedly comprised 5 titans, several capital vessels and support, totaling around 700 units.

With so many massive vessels in close proximity, spatial distortion can ensue. Xodius Raldari, a titan pilot who flies under Pandemic Legion's banner, described how the fight was influenced by the distortion. "Most of our capitals [succesfully jumped into the system]... then a spatial distortion happened... there was no fight at all, apart from some few support and bombers we managed to kill."

Viper ShizzIe, CEO of Pandemic Legion corporation The Illuminati, added "Those who managed to jump out... still died... their hulls appearing where the cyno was lit hours later, unpiloted!"

AJ Regard, an IT Alliance pilot, confirmed that there were 3 titan wrecks on the field after the battle. "Locator agents have [searched for the pilots of] all 4 titans, showing their pilots now in stations. So, unless titans can now dock, there are 4 dead titans," he says.

The Y-2ANO battle is framed in the larger-scale conflict between IT Alliance, Pandemic Legion and Goonswarm. "Y-2ANO was rather important as it's close to Goonswarm's territory... We tried, we lost, [we] didn't want that titan anyways," Xodius Raldari ultimately says.

Due to the extremely chaotic situation following the clash, battle reports are still flowing from the region and the presented figures may change in the next hours. Interstellar Correspondents will monitor the situation and report as soon as further details are available.

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