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'Bright Star' Vanishes, Scientists Mystified

2008-03-15 - 作者 Svarthol

The scientific establishment was left baffled earlier this week by the discovery that the unidentified stellar object commonly referred to as 'The Bright Star' has disappeared as mysteriously as when it first appeared approximately three months ago. This latest event has caused controversy in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics and interstellar science, provoking a wide variety of responses from experts.

Professor Kral Sangan, a stellar physicist from the University of Caille who chaired a conference debating the nature of the mysterious object in Aporulie a month ago, established his position in an online statement where he explained that, "never before has the scientific world witnessed such a truly inexplicable phenomenon." He went on to state that, "experts in every applicable field will be working hard in the coming days to explain the sudden disappearance of such a unique and mysterious object." Dr. Yeldrem Bane of the Renyn College of Astronomy was prepared to be much more frank in a similar statement made earlier today where he said that, "Humanity has just witnessed a physical impossibility. An object of such power and magnitude simply cannot just disappear overnight. It is like someone, somewhere just flipped a switch."

Speculation has been mounting regarding the sudden appearance of the unidentified object, with many claiming a lack of hard data, and calling for continued observation by scientists from all corners of all four empires. The equally sudden disappearance of the object may now mean that astronomers will simply have to work with the limited data on the object gathered over the last few months, although some claim that there is a possibility that it may reappear once again in the near or distant future. "We cannot know for sure," said Gantril Forbes, a spokesperson for the Federal Astronomical Society, "it is possible that the object is still there, but has just been obscured, possibly only temporarily, by a very massive, incredibly absorbable interstellar body."

It is also rumoured that the Federation Navy has taken some interest in the nature of the object's origin and possible demise, in response to claims by a handful of researchers that the observational data might suggest the distant testing of some kind of super-weapon. "The ability to ignite or explode a star is theoretically possible," claimed Gunnar Hesten in the last issue of fringe science periodical The Beacon, "the Federation might not be technologically capable of such destruction, but what of others, such as the Jove? Or even other civilisations in uncharted space that we have yet to encounter?" When we approached the Federal authorities for comment, we received the following statement in response: "The Navy does not engage in idle and ludicrous speculation, but will remain at all times alert for any potential and genuine threats to national and interstellar security."

In other quarters however speculation is running rampant, with the bright object's disappearance from our skies being read by many more superstitious citizens as some kind of omen. Ramon Gavile, a citizen of Adreland II, has even founded a new religious cult at his home dedicated to his belief in the World Eater, a monstrous beast that roams the deepness of space consuming entire worlds and stellar systems. Others claim that the sudden loss of light from the object is like a door or gate being closed, lending unsubstantiated credence to the theory proposed originally by Dr. Jahazer Simoom of the Sisters of EVE that the object might be linked with the original EVE Gate. It is even postulated that the simultaneous appearance and disappearance of the object from the night skies of all worlds across the Federation might indicate the existence of a network of micro-wormholes, which could perhaps be exploited and expanded to initiate a new form of long-distance interstellar travel.

It is not know what impact these latest developments will have on the support that has been gathering behind the Minmatar spiritual leader Saynen Grulliver, who only days ago announced his intention to travel to the vicinity of the mysterious Bright Star to determine its true nature. Grulliver's mission has been a subject of heated debate between politicians, academics, religious leaders and Capsuleers throughout known space, but many feel that the sudden disappearance of the object may mean that Grulliver's expedition is no longer necessary. At the time of writing, Grulliver and his aides were not available for comment.

Whatever beliefs or theories that the layman or the scientist might have about the object, the sad, simple truth is that there is a lack of sufficient evidence to pinpoint an explanation, and with the object now gone, there may no longer be any opportunities to procure that evidence. A mystery it has been, and so it may remain.