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Capsuleers Unite to Assist Chribba

2011-10-17 - 作者 Svarthol

9UY4-H, Providence. A few weeks ago an eight-man corporation known as Trzciciele Kawy planted Sovereignty Blockade Units (SBUs) at all the stargates in the system of 9UY4-H in Providence. The system is currently the home of Chribba, one of New Eden's most beloved capsuleers. Chribba has pledged to keep the station - known as Chribba's Cottage - open to the general public for as long as he holds sovereignity there, making it rare among capsuleer-owned stations.

Following the SBU placement, a general GalNet alert went out and in a matter of hours, droves of pilots descended on the system, ready to defend Chribba's sovereignty.

First to arrive was a mixed fleet from Empire space, composed of pilots who had volunteered from the 'Holy Veldspar' comm channel under the leadership of Obsidian Hawk of RONA corporation. They were shortly followed by a fleet that had initially formed to repel Sansha Incursions in Empire, under the leadership of Rustybronco of The Concillium Enterprises corporation.

Obsidian Hawk's fleet, in stealthbombers, started in on the first SBU. They were beginning to despair of ever finishing the job when a 120-man EVE-University fleet under the leadership of CEO Kelduum Revaan jumped into the system and added their firepower. Rustybronco's Incursion fleet had arrived by that time, and the three groups made short work of the first SBU.

Their celebration was shortlived however, as a large Northern Coalition. (NCDOT) fleet jumped in, pursued by another fleet. A brief three-way battle resulted, ending when the other unamed fleet withdrew from the system and the majority of the NCDOT force followed them.

Shortly thereafter NCDOT proceeded to jump in several supercapitals - sources are unclear as to whether the cynosaural jamming technology protecting the system was destroyed or deactivated by Chribba - and made short work of the remaining SBUs with support from the other fleets.

Unofficial sources within NCDOT mentioned that they had not originally intended to come to Chribba's aid, but had been on a roam in the area when they heard of the events in 9UY4-H. No official comment from NCDOT could be obtained.

Having accomplished their goal of freeing the system, the fleets from Empire started a mad dash back to safety, some having bravely flown to Chribba's defence in clones fitted with the very best implants.

When contacted for comment Chribba seemed a little stunned, saying that 'I did not really expect it all to turn out the way it did, seeing so many pilots, creating their own fleets, rallying to just be a part of things is stunning. Hearing that this was the first time a pilot ventured into 0.0, or even acted fleet commander makes it all even so much more fun.' He has promised to reward every pilot who contributed to his defence with a medal.

Trzciciele Kawy could not be reached for comment.

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