Cardinal Omir Sarikusa Declares New Blood-quest | EVE Online

Cardinal Omir Sarikusa Declares New Blood-quest

2004-05-07 - 作者 Svarthol

A chilling holoreel of Omir Sarikusa, self-declared Blood Cardinal and leader of the Sani Sabik sect, more commonly known as the Blood Raider Covenant, was discovered yesterday during a DED attack on an undisclosed Blood Raider facility. Much of the holoreel depicts the gruesome blood rituals of the sect and has been deemed too explicit to publish, except for one segment in which the blood-drenched Sarikusa charges his followers with a new command:

"Go forth, my children, and bring to me the blood of the fallen Misu Baniya! Through the blood of both the more-than-human and the less-than-human shall the gate to life everlasting be opened. Let none stand before you in this holy blood-quest!"

In the wake of this discovery, CONCORD has issued a traveller's warning for the Bleak Lands region.