Community Beat for 1 March | EVE Online

Community Beat for 1 March


Hello spacefriends and welcome to the latest Community Beat! Let's dive straight in with some of the cool things that have bubbled up from within the EVE Online community in recent weeks.

SL0W Simulations: How To Avoid Warp Bubbles

SL0W CHILDREN AT PLAY created this very cool simulation video that explains the Warp Disruption Bubbles in EVE Online. What's really neat is that they've used an AI generated voice synthesis of our beloved Aura to explain the concepts.

400B Dread brawl in Ostingele

Yes, you're seeing that right... another dread brawl unfolded in Ostingele! Check out what happened in this video by Tristan. If you want to know what was lost, have a look at the battle report.

Valentine's Day Brawl

Valentine's Day sure brought out the love between these wormholers. Tag along with Amoni Panala and see how No Vacancies. and LAZERHAWKS got into a brawl from a logi perspective.

Curious to see the battle report? You can find it here.

Creative Corner

Over on the official EVE Online Discord server, capsuleers frequently show off their latest creations. Take Watson Crick for example - he dusted off his Rifter model and gave it a fresh new 'Absent Heroes' SKIN.

Another stunning example is this Naga made by eetor. Isn't it impressive?

New Partners

We recently added some new EVE Partners to our partnership program and we'd like to officially welcome them! Let's introduce them.

Video creators:
Over on Youtube we welcome Capt. Rogers, Darkbird, Justaddwater and This is Ami. If you haven't seen any of their videos yet, be sure to check it out!

On Twitch we welcomed a bunch of new streamers. Say hi to:

Third Party Developers
As for third party developers, we've got four new projects to share with you. First up: Eve Scout. This tool is invaluable when you are looking for up-to-date wormhole connections to Thera. Next is This has several tools to manage characters, corporations and alliances. We've also welcomed the hazardous-killbot, a Discord bot providing the ability to preview Zkillboard kill updates on Discord. And, last-but-not-least, zcharboard for anything related to character management.

Upcoming Player Gatherings

London - Last call! Tomorrow (2 March), you can join your fellow internet spaceship lovers at Heist Bank, North Wharf Road at 12pm. Make sure you have your free ticket ready! Haven't got one yet? Don't fret, you can still claim your ticket on EventSource.

Seattle - On 23 March, the Greater Seattle Meet Up will take place at McMenamins Six Arms, E. Pike St at 5pm. Be sure to join the Discord server for more details.

If you are organizing a gathering or meet-up, reach out to to tell us all about it!

That's all for this edition of the Community Beat. See you next time!