Community Beat for 19 January | EVE Online

Community Beat for 19 January


Greetings, New Eden; we're back with another edition of the Community Beat, your best source of all New Edens going on that could be confused with being called New Edens Hottest (information) Sauce..? ANYWAY, let's get going!

Beautifully Crafted

The universe is filled with those craft-orientated, be it the ability to create a spaceship from our favorite colored bricks as we saw during the last beat, or as they become more affordable in the world, 3D printed models! The exciting thing about many 3rd models is the variety of details in the models, with some creators adding additional highlighted details, additional components to the design, or even an elegant faction-aligned appropriate stand into the equation. Regardless, we always enjoy seeing these beautiful creations out in the wild, be it a work in progress, in person at an EVE meet, or presented on a display. Fantastic work, "eetor." We hope you'll share more pictures!

Getting back up to speed

It's not uncommon in our community that many of us have space friends who stay in touch even if they aren't playing EVE anymore, but we still play other games together. Then, a moment comes when they decide that something new has piqued their interest and want to dip their toes in again, but that return and catchup can sometimes feel a little daunting. Well, Just About reached out to a few community members and compiled a few things to help you get back on your feet.
All your assets somewhere they shouldn't be? Or might your ship fits need to be updated? They've got you covered here!

EVErything you can imagine is real.

During EVE Online trailers and the Chronicles you get to see a slice of what existence is like for the residents of New Eden. But imagination is powerful, and some stories are told with our creative flair, or the fantasy of how things could be can lead to wonders of other tales.
Reimagining the existing is one way of doing that, and YouTube video creator "Useless Idea" has been experimenting with AI inputs to create another selection of EVE Online creations:

Storytelling can be considered one of those hidden professions in EVE, and writer u/jviridis posted one of their most recent creations, which is a pretty fantastic read. I enjoyed their last one about the crews joining capsuleer ships for the Alliance Tournament! They also take commissions, so you can hit them up if you've got an idea for a story. If you enjoy such stories, the Player Fiction portal on the forums is another great home for such tales.

Cybele Down!

While talking about storytelling, Alliance Tournament ships are a rare commodity in the universe, often costing hundreds of billions of ISK. The fits that go on them are also equally as highly prized.
The Cybele was one of the Cruisers given out during the last Alliance Tournament, and (Guristas Pirates aligned) pilot Red Krest of the Negative Feedback Alliance recently lost theirs to a contingent of pilots from the "A Band Apart." alliance - self-proclaimed "Pirate Lord" Rixx Javix wrote up a little After Action report over on his blog if you'd like to hear how it went down.

Volcanos, CCP and Grindavík!

Image Credit: The Icelandic Red Cross website.

We've been touched that a few of you have reached out to a few CCP developers and passed on your concern for our well-being and the prospect of potentially running a PLEX for GOOD campaign. Grindavík is a tiny town with months to prepare for this eruption. So, while it's sad to see the loss of structures, it's not a humanitarian crisis on the scale of a tsunami or earthquake, and the number of people affected has been so small that the Icelandic services can easily cope with their needs. We've discussed it amongst the team, and while we agree that the community is fantastic for wanting to show their support, we don't believe this current situation warrants a PLEX for GOOD campaign. If you want to do something, we think donations would be best served if you sent them directly to ICE-SAR (the Icelandic Search and Rescue organization) or the Icelandic Red Cross if you'd like to make a private donation.

That's it from this week of the Community Beat!

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