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Community Beat for 26 April

2024-04-26 - 作者 EVE Online Community Team

o7 Capsuleers, welcome back to another episode of the Community Beat, the home of happenings across New Eden!

The community has been a hive of activity since the last edition of the Community Beat! We've had a few sizeable battles across the universe, but last Saturday seemed popular with many of you! Rixx Javix, alongside those of Stay Frosty and Lucifers Hammer, hosted their Frigate Free 4 All that we included in the last beat, and we saw several thousand ships destroyed in the conflict. Whilst battle was spread across the system, even the station undock was littered with the aftermath of the conflict!

We also had a sizeable skirmish over in the system of U-QVWD. Conflict broke out between The Imperium and PandaFam over a Fortizar in the system. The battle raged for nearly five hours, seeing around 3000 capsuleers engaged, totalling up to ~1200 kills and 350b isk in losses - you can see the battle report here. Pilot heirachama posted a short video with a few highlights from the battle, with Time Dilation compensated for, making it nice and smooth. We saw it earlier in the week and thought it was worth sharing:

The same day, we also had the community-run tournament, the Anger Games 6, broadcast on the CCP and evetournaments Twitch channels. Sho Menao has been analysing the matches on their blog, Eve Tourneylytics, breaking down each team's statistics. We're all excited to see what's in store for this final weekend, especially after the unexpected upsets last weekend. We recommend checking it out to expand your knowledge about the teams going into this final weekend, especially if you're looking for where to point your channel points. Be sure to join us again on Saturday and Sunday to see who is crowned this year's champions. Here are a few snaps from last weekend too:

Graphics looking blocky

We're all massive fans at CCP of the unique creations and designs the community routinely creates. Be it beautiful drawings, paintings, 3d printed objects or our favourite coloured blocks!

The latest of these to catch our eyes is the Wreathe:

From massive models to small, sub-ten-piece designs, the creativity exhibited when these designs are made is always incredible. With the rate at which ships are being designed like this, we'll be able to form entire mining fleets - all we need now is a few model asteroids and mining drones!

Lo-Fi beats to explore to

Speaking of mining fleets, some consider mining to be one of the more casual-paced activities across New Eden, alongside, for example, exploration. Sometimes, this tempo calls for a slightly different soundtrack, more in line with the activity you're engaging with, so making your own playlist is a must. Suppose you're considering assembling a playlist or looking for additions to your own, in that case, Ash3D has been having fun as a new musical artist from the community, crafting a small collection of new EVE-themed tracks (and songs!). This latest edition is a lo-fi track with a few excellent EVE tracks blended in. We recommend checking out the rest of their channel for a few other tracks, but we also look forward to their future creations!

Destroyer of Worlds

Following the Uprising expansion, Navy Destroyers emerged as one of the more popular ships, especially around the Faction Warfare warzone. For pilots looking to get into or even step up their game, a new "Navy Destroyer Guide" came across our radar, filled with an assemblage of material. Providing not only advice on fits for the ships, suggested implants and boosters but also a plethora of information about things to consider when engaging with one of these ships, such as the types of opponents you're looking for and should avoid, as well as general indicators of success you might have in those fights. Following downtime tomorrow, check out the community fittings section in-game for the navy ships to see some of the fits, too!

The detail and depth for just these ships alone are incredible, and it is a must-read - Furl0w put up a short article on Reddit as well, where he covered a few other questions that the community had about the guide.

Lore Tour, Battleship Brawl, Pirate insurgencies and more for a good cause

From downtime on the 27 April to downtime on the 28 April, Ultric101 from Astral Acquisitions is looking to host a 24-hour Charity Stream on Twitch! Fundraising for 2 charities, Macmillan Cancer Support and, Ultric101, alongside their special guest, Katia Sae, intends to form a fast-moving fleet to tour around some of New Edens landmarks.

As the day progresses, Ultric101 has assembled a menu of activities they'll be leading the charge on to keep things engaging, both in and out of New Eden. The goal is to raise funds for two good causes whilst having fun with the community and engaging in lots of banter!

Check out their stream here over here: ,
As well as links to the Astral Acquisitions Discord:
And a team page for the event here too:

Auviken and Equinox

We wrap up this edition of the Community Beat with videos from two of our EVE Partners! Across this last week, we saw Upwell announce and unveil its plans for the Equinox suite of structures. Pilots have been visiting Auviken over the previous month, not knowing what the structure that Upwell was working on was for, but occasionally finding clues as members of Chemal Tech had been exchanging partially corrupted crychips of information about the project recently to various factions.

Eaglefirefly gave us a short cinematic rundown of the Skyhook under construction in the system before the announcement:

If you haven't had time to review the announcement from Upwell yet or read the information that Upwell released - then fear not; Loru also has you covered! Loru broke down the announcement from Upwell and helped, offering his perspective on what it all means, as well as things you can do to help prepare for the arrival of the next expansion:

That's it for this edition of the Community Beat!

The April EVE: Vanguard First Strike event is also running this weekend, so you might see us on the ground and in space!