Community Beat for 28 April | EVE Online

Community Beat for 28 April

2023-04-28 - 作者 EVE Online Community Team

Greetings, capsuleers!

Welcome to a special Capsuleer Day edition of The Beat! In this issue, we have some exciting news and updates for the community, including upcoming in-game events, shennagins, incredible fan art, and an introduction to some new EVE Partners.

Capsuleer Day is May 6th, and EVE will be celebrating its 20th birthday! Make sure to stop by or tune into the CCP Twitch channel on the 6th starting at 17:00 UTC. We’ll have some fun events, prizes, and a special appearance from CCP Hellmar. Who knows, maybe you will wind up with an illusive CCP Hellmar corpse….

Bellicose Day

A 9-year long tradition, started by Brave Alliance, continues this year. They invite all pilots of New Eden to the system of F-NMX6 all day during the 29th of April for a 24hr cyno vigil to celebrate the life of John Bellicose and raise awareness for mental health. There will be fireworks and camaraderie for all.

“We make these connections with people, the time spent playing spaceships, hanging out on comms making mistakes, having a laugh, just spending time with other people around the globe. This game has a heavy social aspect and these connections become very real. Taking care of yourselves outside the game is important. During the 24 hours of this vigil, Brave will not fire upon neutrals or reds in our space unless fired upon first or if fleets move in with hostile intent. Ingame politics do not matter, you the player do. We'll do our best to get you here. We hope others will too.”

Capsuleer Day Firework Celebration in Jita!

EVE only turns 20 once, and we're planning to celebrate all month long. We'll kick off the festivities on 6 May with a special fireworks display in Jita, starting at 19:00 UTC with other festivities starting at 17:00. Join us in marking this milestone either in Jita or tune in to CCPTV as we light up the sky alongside special guest CCP Hellmar and share the excitement with the entire EVE community!

Live 2 Feed

Tune in on Friday afternoons to catch the community team's Twitch stream, Live 2 Feed. The broadcast features exciting gameplay, tips, tricks, glorious feeding, and a chance to gank engage with the team live. If the promise of exciting shenanigans and explosions are not enough, viewers can also earn exclusive in-game SKINs. Plus, you get moments like this:

Art Corner

Feast your eyes on the fantastic works of Cpt Armarlio, a talented artist within the EVE community. His latest piece captures the intensity of spaceship combat, showcasing the detailed ships and breathtaking environments of New Eden. These posters are officially licensed and are bound to make any room that much cooler

Community Screenshots

We love seeing the amazing screenshots taken by our dedicated community. This week, we're featuring images of battles, serene moments of exploration, and intricate structures in space. The official EVE Online Discord has a channel to share your amazing screenshots, and it’s one of our favorites. Don't let their name deceive you, capsuleer Unga MaBunga knows their way around a camera!

New Partners

This month we’d like to welcome some new EVE Partners into the fold!
We have some video creators who specialize in new content, event guides, and deep dives into mechanics, and more!

Over on Twitch we welcome in the notorious wormhole police officer Vinnegar Dooshay. Watch as he dispenses "justice" in w-space, and tries not to die in the process.
For third party developers, we welcome Kariyo Astrien who currently maintains the oft-used wormhole mapping software, Tripwire.

That’s it for this edition! While EVE’s birthday is on May 6th, we’ll definitely be celebrating all month long. Keep an eye out for more news next week about what to expect with in-game celebrations.