Tranquility connection issues on August 18 and August 27 | EVE Online

Tranquility connection issues on August 18 and August 27

2012-08-18 - 作者 CCP Phantom

We have noticed that some players have difficulties connecting to Tranquility on August 18, 2012.

Between 15:30 and 15:40 UTC we noticed a loss of around 5000 connections, the situation stabilized without any further large connection drops afterwards. The reason for these disconnects are issues with Internet Service Providers (Level3 and Global Crossing) beyond our influence.

To swiftly fix the current situation we have moved all our traffic to a different ISP (Telia-sonera). Please be aware that this rerouting might result in increased latency for some of our players. We are monitoring the situation and continue our efforts to deliver a smooth EVE Online experience as possible under these circumstances. We apologize for any inconvenience.

A thread for feedback and updates is available here.

Update August 27:
We are in close contact with our high level ISPs as we receive reports about continued connection issues. These connection issues do not originate to our servers but belong to the connection between the player and our server, therefore our options to fix this issue are limited. Especially TeliaSonera experiences currently some problems and since they carry a large portion of the internet traffic this can cause connection issues.