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CPD Press Conference: ‘Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear’

2010-04-15 - 作者 Svarthol

New Caldari - The Caldari Providence Directorate held a press conference today in an effort to allay fears about its inquiry into the Crielere Project. The inquiry has drawn criticism from members of the public following the detainment of several individuals.

The total number of citizens questioned in the inquiry is unknown thus far, although a CPD spokesman described the inquiry as "comprehensive, concentrated and complete." Former employees on the project, including scientists, laboratory technicians, engineers, and administration staff have been called on to provide witness statements.

According to Metsama Ovai, the CPD spokesperson for this project,  "These citizens are not interned. In a few cases, we have given accommodation to some citizens while we conclude our enquiries. A few key witnesses have volunteered to stay on station."

Playing down allegations that this investigation was an inquisition to root out opponents of Heth, the spokesman concluded, "The inquiry is not about who is pro-Heth and who is anti-Heth. It is about finding out the truth about the Crielere Project. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear."