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Creodron Scout Drones Transmit Initial Findings

2009-03-10 - 作者 Svarthol

CreoDron scout drones, sent through a "stable wormhole" discovered by CreoDron astrophysicists, transmitted the first images from the other side of the wormhole.

The first pieces of data received included five blurry image captures. The images clearly depict another system unlike any seen before, with darkened, empty planets set against an unfamiliar, crimson nebula.

Prof. Burreau, the woman responsible for the wormhole's discovery, conducted a brief conference from an undisclosed location thought to be near the site of the wormhole.

"Despite the strange nebulae, we believe what we are seeing here is a system not unlike those familiar to us in New Eden, although it is far, far away. Initial data gathered from intracluster medium analysis on the other side has led us to strongly consider the possibility that this system resides in a galaxy other than our own.

"Aside from that, everything about this system appears to be typical of our own. We are encouraged by early signs. The planets are in heliocentric orbit, which suggests that the environment there should remain similar to ours, although some abnormalities in the readings suggest a level of volatility in this system's local electromagnetic fields."

Prof. Burreau remained resolute that a manned excursion into the unknown system would proceed, despite the risks. "We must not fear the unknown, we must understand it," she said before calling the conference to an end and excusing her team to prepare.