Crimson Harvest - Free Daily Gifts | EVE Online

Crimson Harvest - Free Daily Gifts

2020-11-01 - 作者 CCP Dopamine

Bloodthirsty Capsuleers,

You still have time to log into EVE Online daily and receive all Crimson Harvest free gifts until 11:00 UTC on 9 November as an Alpha or an Omega!

The frightfully good rewards for the Crimson Harvest login event include up to 60,000 Skill Points, Deathglow Remnants SKINs, T-shirt and fireworks crates for Alpha pilots. As an Omega, you will receive all those Alpha gifts plus a further 175,000 Skill Points, more Deathglow Remnants SKINs, Agency Boosters, and a Cerebral Accelerator!

Please note, you will need to log in on at least 7 days of the Crimson Harvest campaign in order to receive all the gifts.