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Deep Core Mining 'Reluctant' to Commit Rescue Team, Ducia Foundry Offers Assistance

2009-12-30 - 作者 Svarthol

Annaro - Deep Core Mining has stated that it is reluctant to commit a rescue team to an asteroid in the Annaro system, where nearly 200 CBD Corporation miners remain trapped. According to reports, six of the asteroid's eight backup oxygen tanks were destroyed in the accident, and estimations by officials predict that the miners have a little less than six days of breathable air.

"While we feel deeply for the workers and their families," said a spokesman for Deep Core Mining's Astro-surveying division, "we are reluctant to send a team to the surface because of the extreme volatility of the asteroid. We're currently working with CBD to re-map the internals and weak points of the asteroid, and we have not found a way to drill to the trapped miners without causing a total collapse."

In an unusual development, a Ducia Foundry astro-surveying team has pledged assistance and believe they can extract the miners without any loss of life. However, a third of the Ducia team are slaves and have been denied access due to Caldari anti-slavery laws. Steen Greimala, director of the Amarr team, said, "We're here to help. Our team is highly skilled, but we understand the cultural differences and laws that make it difficult to accept our help. Our offer will remain open."

System police commander Garr Diymir told reporters, "The reason the Amarr team has offered a rescue plan is that the only people sent to the surface will be slaves. As much as we want to see the workers get out alive, we have no intention of allowing innocent people to be forcefully sacrificed. I'm confident that a Caldari organization will step forward with a legal solution soon."