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EON Issue #002: bigger, better, faster - pre-orders available now!

2005-11-27 - 作者 Zapatero

The second issue of E-ON is now available for pre-order. The magazine is scheduled for publication early in January 2006, which means buyers can expect to receive their copies sometime before 2007 (j/k).

Let’s not beat about the bush, the late arrival of the magazine was something of a disappointment for quite a few people. It appears nearly everyone now has their copies of issue #001, but the fact that it took up to six weeks when it should have taken no more than a couple at most is embarrassing. I can only apologize once again and assure you that the same problems won’t re-occur.

For those who have faith in my assurances, we have decided to employ a different mailing house and rely (which we can) on the services of the UK’s Royal Mail. The upshot of this is that the cost of postage will rise slightly for some. Effective immediately, the postage price per issue for European customers will rise by 36 US cents, whilst for the USA and elsewhere this figure will increase by 35 US cents. UK postal rates remain the same. Those of you that have already subscribed will not have to pay any extra for postage, but we would ask everyone to allow up to three weeks for delivery (three weeks being the worst case scenario).

For those of you for which three weeks is too long, and who wish to take it up, we have arranged a deal with FedEx and can now offer an express shipping option. The cost of this is $24.30 per issue. Expensive yes, but you will be able to track your order (using a tracking number which will be emailed to you upon shipment) and you will receive the magazine within two working days of publication date or order, whichever is the latter. This offer is only available to European, Canadian or US residents. Those living outside these areas who wish to take advantage of the express shipping option or current subscribers who wish to upgrade their postal options to express shipping can do so by emailing eon@mmmpublishing.

There is another reason for the postage price rise, apart from us using Royal Mail to deliver the goods: E-ON Issue #002 will be BIGGER, with the number of pages increasing from 68 to 76. It gets better: for those that pre-order a subscription before 4th January 2006, we will be treating you to a set of six exclusive postcard prints of rare ships. (Those who have already taken out a 4-issue subscription will also be receiving these cards, but thereafter we do not plan to backdate subscription offers.)

Delays aside, E-ON #001 was a great success. Feedback has been worryingly positive. I say worryingly because, having played EVE so long, alarm bells start ringing when players are content about something. To offset my paranoia we’re going all out to improve the magazine in terms of variety and content. Of course there have been a few negative comments too, but all those who’ve posted feedback have been more than constructive and I would like to thank you all; everyone who has the bought the magazine, all who have contributed to it, (75,000 at the last count) and all those who’ve made contact with ideas and suggestions.

Regarding Issue #002 itself, there’ll be a more details in a week or so. I will however say that the cover image isn’t as yet final. It will be much, much better.


Oh, yes, one more thing… if some of you are concerned with all the hither-and-thither of ad currency changes, postal price tweaks and such, please bear in mind that E-ON is being produced by a magazine company with a lot of publishing experience. However, a magazine dedicated to one game, sold solely online and distributed globally to more than 50 countries is something totally new (and EVE was there first). There have been some stumbles, but we’re making huge strides and we aim to make E-ON not only the best damn games mag on the planet, but one that will make every player proud that they chose EVE to spend their time in and E-ON to make real their achievements.

Final final thing to those who’ve pledged to provide an advert for Issue #2 – the deadline is the end of this week! If you don’t provide a decent draft before Friday 2nd December, your deposit will be lost. Email your drafts to ads@mmmpublishing.****