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Ethnic Violence, Vandalism Shocks Caldari Prime

2008-05-09 - 作者 Svarthol

Luminaire – Dozens of acts of vandalism and violence were committed overnight against Caldari expatriates on Caldari Prime. Security camera footage revealed numerous bands of Gallentean vandals engaged in hate crimes ranging from the physical assault of ethnic Caldarians to the torching of the last surviving Tikiona State archeological site on the planet.

The flames from the archeological site could be seen for miles. “This is an unspeakable tragedy,” Dr. Hans Demato of the Science and Trade Institute proclaimed. “This place was sacred to us! These were our ancestors, the ones who founded the Caldari State! Who would do such a thing? Why?”

Anti-Caldari sentiment was especially evident at defaced memorials dedicated to Caldarians killed during the Federation bombardment of those same locations hundreds of years earlier. “Where were the police?” one terrified expatriate asked. “We’re supposed to be under Federation protection here—how could they let this happen?”

Municipal Federation authorities have released images of the vandals and are asking anyone with information to notify authorities immediately, also warning that any “vigilante justice” would be dealt with harshly. With the exception of the largest cities of Arcurio and Tovil, Caldarians and Gallenteans live in mostly isolated communities, with the former holding “expatriate” status and permanent work visas permitting them to remain on the planet. All property and land titles for Caldari Prime are owed by the Federation government or private enterprises.