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Fanfest 2017 - Day 2 in review

2017-04-08 - 作者 CCP Phantom

Discover the most important news from EVE Fanfest 2017 day 2. 

Fanfest, the annual EVE celebration in the land of fire and ice, has opened its doors on April 6. Now, this legendary event is steaming full power ahead! Exciting news, expert discussions, crazy parties and more: Share your Fanfest experience using #evefanfest. Follow along with a fun new Snapchat account: "eveonline".

Don't forget to watch the daily Fanfest live broadcast (stream schedule).

Permaband - Come Fly With Us
The Scope – YC119 Kyonoke Inquest

Project Discovery - Exoplanet research in EVE
With the next "Project Discovery", you can do more real scientific research within EVE! Michel Mayor, University of Geneva, CCP, and the Reykjavik University are working together on this exciting project. You will be able to study light curves from solar systems far away as you’ll try to recognize and identify a kind of pattern to identify new planets. Of course, this research will be also tied into the background story and lore of EVE Online. Exoplanet research will be available to you and everyone else, also Alpha players. This summer! 

Structures - Refineries and Moon drilling
Two new Upwell structures are under development: Medium ("Athanor") and large ("Tatara") Refineries. Refineries are specialized in reprocessing and harvesting moon material. The whole process of gathering moon resources is going to be revamped. It becomes a collective and active process, instead of the current passive and individual one. Additionally, moon material reactions will be performed in Refineries. Reactions will use a new interface resembling the current industry UI.

Structures - Outposts become Citadels
Faction Citadels are coming! On a certain date, all Outposts and conquerable NPC stations (read the background story about those stations) will go down simultaneously and replaced with the corresponding Faction Fortizar Citadels. The corporation that controls the Outpost or Station on that date will own the Fortizar. Permanent landmarks for those Immensea Stations to keep the deep player-created history. 

Art review
EVE is beautiful. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Art team, the visuals of EVE are constantly evolving. Over the previous year, the visual damage system was improved (covering world objects and structures) and new effects have been added. We also have seen incredible new explosions. The most recent project will introduce totally new graphics and effects to the suns in EVE Online. Incredibly beautiful with minuscule details, these new stellar graphics will be deployed with the May release.

Game balance
Exciting news from the game balance front. This Summer we will get Sansha and Blood Raider implants, new anti-capital bombs and new electronic warfare bombs (webifier bombs). Capital ships/modules will receive a rebalance-pass (Capital MWD, Capital Afterburners, Doomsdays). Industrialists will celebrate that Capital Tech-2 Blueprints are going to use Capital Components. We are also going to see brand new Guristas Capital ships!

New PvE - Blood Raider shipyards
A new type of PvE is arriving to EVE Online this May: immersive, reactive, dynamic content that contextually fits with your location. NPCs that build infrastructure, acts and behaves in believable ways, fly the ships you fly, fight the way you fight. We start with Blood Raider shipyards. Upwell structures that have been repurposed by the Blood Raider NPCs to build their vast fleets. Those shipyards are hidden; you need to find them. Once found, you can attack them, but be ready for a serious defense! You will face NPCs that  dynamically react to your fleet composition, strength and tactics.  And this is just the start of our new PvE content!

New Blood Raider capital ships for you
We see three new capital ships (Force Auxiliary, Dreadnought and Titan) arriving in New Eden for you to pilot. These ships belong to the Blood Raider faction and are, as the other Blood Raider ships, a grotesque yet efficient fusion of Amarr and Minmatar technology. These ships have a bonus to energy warfare as well as speed warfare (webifier) - they will pin you down and suck you dry! The build costs of these ships are moderate (only max. 50% higher than their regular counterpart), the blueprints can be found in new Blood Raider shipyards.

Structures - Some stats
Since the introduction of Citadels and Engineering Complexes (EC), more than 10.000 Citadels have been deployed, and more than 6.500 ECs. Destruction rates, so far, are between 7% and 15%. Only 35 Keepstars are deployed in New Eden presently! Two corporations own over 100 Upwell structures! The Engineering Complexes are extremely successful. 72% of the industry job costs are now paid in EC's. One year ago, NPCs sucked in 77% of the costs. We have a truly amazing community!

CONCORD ships for players
A civilian version of overhauled CONCORD ships will become available for players. First, Fanfest attendees will receive these frigate and/or cruiser sized ships. As a special bonus, never seen before, some of the ship stats depend on your security standing. In general, these ships are flexible to fit, have lots of slots, have better warp speed and improved tackle range. As drawback, they are slower and with less dps.

Revamp of Tech-3 Cruisers
Tech-3 Cruisers with their high customizability are popular, but they are not without certain issues. Many subsystems are underused, there are also overlaps with already existing other ship classes. This year, we want to revamp Tech-3 Cruisers. The subsystem concept will be streamlined: 4 slots with 3 options each. We are also going to add new wormhole items to the hull build requirements.

Project Discovery - Citizen Science works!
A year in review for Citizen Science in EVE Online via Project Discovery. In the first Citizen Science project in EVE Online, players were able to help real scientific research by classifying and sampling proteins in human cell tissue. That year has been incredible. More than 28 million classifications have been completely by EVE players - that equals to almost 170 man-years of work! What a great success, thank you. The next Citizen Science project is already coming up: discover real exoplanets within our galaxy.

EVE Updates
Fanfest 2017 is a whirlwind of news and announcements! Check out EVE Updates regularly and have a look at CCP's Facebook page!