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Havoc: Expansion Notes

2023-11-10 - 作者 EVE Online Team

Hello Spacefriends!  

The following page will list patch notes for feature updates & changes in the Havoc Expansion - 11:00 UTC 14 November. We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on the EVE Online Discord and the EVE Online Forums

Expansion Notes 21.06 - EVE Online: Havoc

Aligning with PiratesDeathless HQ Station & ZarzakhPirate InsurgenciesPirate ActivitiesCorruption and SuppressionPirate Insurgent LP StoresPirate ShipsUpdated Pirate Titan Build CostsEDENCOMAlliance and Corporation Emblems - 2023 Ships Corporation ProjectsCorporation Project Manager RoleDuplication of ProjectsProjects PayoutsAdditional Project TypesAIR NPE - Secrets of New EdenAIR Opportunities Photon ImprovementsTypographySettings Menu

Aligning with Pirates

Players can now choose to enlist with either the Angel Cartel or the Guristas Pirates.

  • Players can enlist with the Angel Cartel or the Guristas Pirates in any station which is owned by them. Angel Cartel stations can be found in Curse and Fountain regions, while Guristas stations can be found in the Venal region.

  • A minimum standings requirement of -2 or better without standings modifications is required to join.

  • The Angel Cartel are at war with the Amarr Empire and the Minmatar Republic, while the Guristas Pirates are at war with the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation.

    • Capsuleers enlisted in the Pirate Militias can freely engage capsuleers enlisted with their rival empire militias, and vice versa.

    • Capsuleers enlisted with the Angel Cartel will be attacked by Factional Warfare (FW) empire police in Amarr and Minmatar empire space, if there is not an active insurgency present.

    • Capsuleers enlisted with the Guristas Pirates will be attacked by FW empire police in Caldari and Gallente empire space, if there is not an active insurgency present.

  • Enlisting with the pirates will give perks in Zarzakh, including free entry, access to jump clones, offices and the Deathless shipcaster.

  • Enlisting with the pirates will also enable you to take part in the Insurgency Gameplay, sow chaos and spread corruption, all while enriching yourself!

Deathless HQ Station & Zarzakh

Thanks in part to the efforts of Loyalist Capsuleers, The Deathless has managed to unlock more of Zarzakh’s potential. The Fulcrum has expanded services from being powered up through the activation of the Stellar Harvester built into the station, and the Deathless Shipcaster is now also fully functional.

  • The Fulcrum is now open to anyone who is not enlisted with an Empire Militia, which have been declared as enemies of the Deathless and are unable to dock.

    • The Fulcrum features a new Deathless hangar environment.

    • Players who are enlisted for the Angel Cartel will get access to a special Angel Cartel Hangar environment, while players who are enlisted for the Guristas will get access to a special Guristas Hangar environment.

    • Players that have an active Deathless Retribution timer are unable to dock regardless of their allegiance.

  • The Fulcrum will allow unaligned (Neutral) players to use most of the facilities in the station, including: repair, fitting, market, insurance and industry facilities. Some additional facilities and powerful industry bonuses are available exclusively to players who are enlisted with the Angel Cartel or Guristas Pirates.

    • The station Industry facilities include full manufacturing, research, copying and invention capabilities.

    • The Fulcrum has a 6% Material Efficiency bonus and a 70% Time Efficiency Bonus when manufacturing any sub-capital Angel Cartel or Guristas Pirate ship. These ME and TE bonuses are available to both pirate enlisted and neutral players.

    • Players who are enlisted with the Angel Cartel or Guristas Pirates will enjoy an additional bonus that reduces the industry job SCC surcharge by 90%

    • The Jump Clone bay can only be used by players enlisted with the Angel Cartel and the Guristas Pirates.

    • The Offices present in the Fulcrum can only be rented by corporations or alliances which are enlisted with the Angel Cartel or the Guristas Pirates.

  • The Deathless Shipcaster is now fully functional.

    • The Deathless Shipcaster will alternate between the Forward Operating Base (FOB) system in active Insurgencies, with a 60s charging phase, then a 60s active phase.

    • Only Angel Cartel aligned players can jump to the Angel FOB.

    • Only Guristas Pirates aligned players can jump to the Guristas FOB.

    • On arriving at the FOB, players will get tethering and can dock at the FOB.

  • Zarzakh has now been removed from the autopilot blacklist.

  • Zarzakh has been added to the default avoidance list, note, if a player has a custom avoidance list, Zarzakh will not be added to it.

  • Bombs and Interdictor Bubbles can now be used in Zarzakh.

Zarzakh also has unique visual, sound and narrative design, which you can read about in Zarzakh and The Deathless.

Pirate Insurgencies

With aid from The Deathless, the completed Zarzakh shipcaster and the rejuvenated Fulcrum station, the Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates are now launching daring raids into empire factional warfare zones, called Insurgencies.

  • Insurgencies are brand new gameplay that take part in Factional Warfare systems, however, it is possible for them to spread to include additional solar systems which are above 0.0 security and below 0.8 security.

  • Insurgencies have multiple phases and are centered around a hub system, which has the pirate FOB in.

  • The FOB can spawn at any temperate planet in the FW warzone, which will start an insurgency from that system and include 4 nearby solar systems to start the insurgency with.

  • The Insurgency will start in the FORECASTING phase. This phase will last approximately 48 hours and will tell all players where the pirate FOB will be placed, and which solar systems are included with it in the upcoming insurgency. During this phase no content will be present, and the FOB is invulnerable, however it will be dockable. This gives players from both sides the opportunity to move assets and get ready to deploy in the theatre, or players the opportunity to get out of harm's way!

  • The Insurgency will then move to the ACTIVE phase, and insurgency gameplay content will start spawning. During this phase, players can increase corruption or suppression by completing gameplay content for either the pirate or empire militias.

  • The FOB is usually invulnerable, however, if the anti-pirates can fully suppress enough systems, it will become vulnerable and they will be able to attack it, it will then enter a 24 hour reinforcement timer (with some jitter) and if they destroy it, they will end the insurgency as a win for the anti-pirates.

  • If the Pirates are able to fully corrupt enough systems however, they’ll be able to plunder everything that isn’t nailed down, take temporary control of the factional warfare occupancy of the solar system where the FOB was placed and win the insurgency for the Pirate side.

    • This can cause havoc in Factional Warfare with several new frontlines being created around the FOB system.

    • When pirates win and take temporary control of the FW occupancy of the system, they’ll eventually give it back when they’ve ransacked everything, however, it’ll be given back in the vulnerable state and the IHUB will be vulnerable right away.

  • Players who contribute to corruption for the pirates, and suppression for the anti-pirates will get a large reward of ISK and Loyalty Points (LP) at the end of the insurgency when one side wins. The side which wins will have a bigger bonus payout!

  • High security systems which are affected by an Insurgency will not spawn empire FW police and criminal police NPCs, so pirates and players with low security status can freely enter as they wish!

Pirate Activities

Insurgencies will feature the following gameplay content:

  • Corporate Outpost Raid: This site is very similar to existing FW gameplay capture sites. Pirate players can capture the outpost by remaining in the capture point when Mordu Legion NPCs protecting the site have been destroyed, while anti-pirates can do the same by destroying pirate NPCs.

    • The Corporate Outpost Raid comes in a variety of sizes with different ship size restrictions. All Pirate/T2 ships of that size can enter them, similar to existing ADV FW complexes.

  • Mining Ambush: In this site, a friendly ORE Rorqual has been tackled by pirates. As a pirate, fight off the Mordu Mercenaries that arrive to protect it, and eventually, the Rorqual will give in and pay a handsome ransom to your pirate allies, and they will pass along the spoils in the form of LP and system corruption. If you prefer blood instead of LP, you can destroy the Rorqual for a bit of loot and system corruption. Anti-Pirate players can choose to help the Rorqual by destroying the pirate ransomer NPCs until the Rorqual will eventually be able to warp off and leave, providing a LP reward to the anti-pirates and additional suppression to the system. This is an open site where any ships can enter, although a fleet of well fit cruisers should be able to handle the site. The Mining Ambush has a shared payout of up to 10 pilots before the rewards are diminished.

  • Pirate Laundering Centers & Counter-Insurgency Outposts: Once systems reach corruption and suppression thresholds, roaming NPCs which warp around the solar system will appear. Sometimes rare named NPCs will be present and those can be killed for valuable items which can be turned in at Pirate Laundering centers found in the FOB system for pirate factions, while Anti-Pirate players can destroy rare named pirate NPCs and hand in their items to Counter-Insurgency outposts located in their war HQ systems. War HQ systems for the respective militias are Mehatoor (Amarr), Onnamon (Caldari), Intaki (Gallente), Amo (Minmatar). Turning in these items will grant you reward crates.

Corruption and Suppression

  • As insurgency content is completed by either the Pirate or Anti-Pirate sides, systems will increase in Corruption or Suppression. When certain thresholds of Corruption or Suppression are reached, the system will go up to the next Corruption or Suppression stage. Each stage can bring in new effects and shape the rules of the system.

  • Note that while insurgency content is currently the only way to raise or lower suppression, it’s possible for any system in the game to have a corruption or suppression value, and many of the effects apply outside insurgencies.

  • In the future, we may add new features which can raise or decrease these values in a system.

The effects listed here are the cumulative effects of the current stage and the stages before it.


Stage 1:

  • Increased PVP loot drops for pirates 7.5% total bonus.

  • Faction Navy and Criminal Police NPCs stop spawning in high security systems.


Stage 1:

  • Increased bounties from NPCs 5% total bonus.

  • Increased security status gains from NPCs 5% total bonus.

Pirate Insurgent LP Stores

Guristas Shipyards/Sotiyo will stop spawning as it used to, and the rewards will be rolled into the new LP store. Blood Raider Shipyards will continue to spawn in the wild.

Players enlisted with either the Angel Cartel or the Guristas Pirates will have access to a brand new LP store. This LP store can be accessed from the Pirate FOB in the insurgency, or in Zarzakh. Players will earn LP for these stores through insurgency gameplay.

  • The Pirate LP stores include exclusive access to the following ship blueprints: Mekubal, Khizriel, Azariel, Mamba, Alligator, Loggerhead, Caiman and the Komodo.

    • Mekubal, Mamba: 12,000 LP & 3.5 Million ISK per blueprint copy.

    • Khizriel, Alligator: 40,000 LP & 10 Million ISK per blueprint copy.

    • Loggerhead, Caiman: 25,000,000 LP & 25 Billion ISK per blueprint copy.

    • Azariel, Komodo: 150,000,000 LP & 150 Billion ISK per blueprint copy.

  • The Pirate LP stores have heavily discounted ship blueprints for the Dramiel, Cynabal, Machariel, Worm, Gila and Rattlesnake.

    • Dramiel, Worm: 4,000 LP & 2 Million ISK per blueprint copy.

    • Cynabal, Gila: 18,000 LP & 5 Million ISK per blueprint copy.

    • Machariel, Rattlesnake: 100,000 LP & 20 Million ISK per blueprint copy.

  • The Pirate LP stores also have new unique offers for various pirate modules, such as domination gyrostabilizers and dread guristas ballistic control systems!

  • They also include datacores, ammo and all the hardwirings you would expect.

  • Disabled Loyalty Point and EverMarks donations as discussed in Stronger Organizations.

Pirate Ships

5 New Pirate Ships have been added with the Expansion, 2 Destroyers, 2 Combat Battlecruisers and the Angel Titan!


Gallente Destroyer:

  • 7.5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret tracking speed

Minmatar Destroyer:

  • 10 % Small Projectile Turret falloff

Role Bonus:

  • 100% bonus to Small Projectile Turret damage

  • 25% bonus to Warp speed and Warp acceleration


Caldari Destroyer:

  • 4 % bonus to all shield resistances

Gallente Destroyer:

  • 10 % bonus to kinetic and thermal missile damage

Role Bonus:

  • 300% bonus to Light Combat Drone damage and hitpoints


Gallente Battlecruiser:

  • 10.0% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret Falloff

Minmatar Battlecruiser:

  • 5.0 % Medium Projectile Turret damage

Role Bonus:

  • 25.0 % bonus to Medium Projectile Turret rate of fire

  • 25.0 % bonus to warp speed and warp acceleration

  • 25.0 % bonus to Medium Projectile Turret optimal and falloff

  • Can use one Command Burst module

  • 50.0 % bonus to Command Burst area of effect range


Caldari Battlecruiser:

  • 4.0% bonus to all shield resistances

Gallente Battlecruiser:

  • 10% bonus to Kinetic and Thermal Heavy Missile and Heavy Assault Missile damage

Role Bonus:

  • 500.0 % bonus to Medium Combat Drone damage

  • 250.0 % bonus to Medium Combat Drone hitpoints

  • 12.5 % bonus to Drone microwarp velocity

  • Can use one Command Burst module

  • 50.0 % bonus to Command Burst area of effect range


Gallente Titan:

  • 6+ bonus to ship warp core strength

  • 10% bonus to Projectile Turret falloff

  • 5% bonus to Capital Projectile Turret tracking speed

Minmatar Titan:

  • 6+ bonus to ship warp core strength

  • 200% bonus to Capital Projectile Turret Damage

  • 5% bonus to Capital Projectile Turret rate of fire

Role Bonus:

  • Can fit a Doomsday module

  • Can fit a Phenomena Generator module

  • Can fit a Jump Portal Generator Module

  • Can fit a Clone Vat Bay module

  • Can use three Command Burst modules

  • 200.0% bonus to Command Burst area of effect range

  • 80.0% bonus to Sensor Dampener resistance

  • 80.0% bonus to Weapon Disruption resistance

  • 80.0% bonus to Stasis effect resistance

  • 80.0% increase to Remote Electronic Assistance impedance

  • 300.0% bonus to Armor Plates and Shield Extenders

  • 5.0x penalty to Entosis Link duration

  • 25% bonus to warp speed and warp acceleration

Updated Pirate Titan Build Costs

With the Guristas Capitals moving to the new LP store, and with the LP changes to the Serpentis Capitals that arrived in a previous patch, the Pirate Capital build costs are being normalized.

  • Below you can find the updated build costs for the Vanquisher, Komodo and Molok.

The Vehement, Vendetta, Caiman, Loggerhead, Chemosh and Dagon will have their build costs looked at after Havoc.

Input Material

Vanquisher OLD

Vanquisher NEW

Capital Propulsion Engine



Capital [Weapon] Hardpoint

4,500 Turret

400 Turret

Capital Sensor Cluster



Capital Armor Plates



Capital Capacitor Battery



Capital Power Generator



Capital Shield Emitter



Capital Jump Drive



Capital Computer System



Capital Construction Parts



Capital Jump Bridge Array



Capital Clone Vat Bay



Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount



Capital Ship Maintenance Bay



Capital Corporate Hangar Bay



Faction 1 Neurolink Conduits

64 S-R

64 S-R

Faction 2 Neurolink Conduits

64 G-O

64 G-O

Faction 1 FTL Interlink Communicators

250 Magnetometric

125 Magnetometric

Faction 2 FTL Interlink Communicators

250 Ladar

125 Ladar

Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal



Life Support Backup Unit



Capital Core Temperature Regulator



Enhanced Neurolink Protection Cell




100 - Serpentis Modified Capital Microprocessor


  • Skillbooks for the EDENCOM ships and Vorton Projectors will now be available in CONCORD and DED stations instead of being exclusively purchased from the character sheet.

    • The Vorton specialization skillbooks are still exclusive to the DED LP store.

  • All variants of the Pyrolancea damage boosters will now boost Vorton Projector Damage.

  • The ‘Halycon’ Login boosters have been updated to benefit Vorton Projectors in a similar way to how existing turrets/missiles are bonused by them.

  • Wormhole environment system-wide effects will now affect and benefit Vorton Projectors.

    • Wolf-Rayet wormholes will now apply their small weapon damage bonus to small Vorton Projectors.

    • Magnetar wormholes will now apply their damage bonus, as well as an explosion velocity penalty to Vorton Projectors.

    • Black-Hole wormholes will now apply an explosion velocity bonus to Vorton Projectors.

  • New mutaplasmids have been added for Vorton Tuning Systems.

  • Added faction and officer variants of the Vorton Tuning System weapon upgrade module.

    • Players can obtain these new mutaplasmids and weapon upgrades by aiding the empires against pirate insurgencies and turning in items at counter-insurgency operation facilities in their War HQs.

Empire Shipcasters

  • Increased the shield resistances of faction shipcaster beacons from 0% to 50% to double their effective hitpoints and make them easier to save from attacks with remote repair modules.

    • The passive shield regeneration time has also been doubled to keep their peak DPS regeneration the same.

  • Reduced the cost to upgrade a shipcaster construction beacon into the completed shipcaster beacon by approximately 50%. This also reduces the volume required by over 50% as well.

    • Upgrade Cost.

    • Nanotransitor from 8,000 to 2,000

    • Self-Harmonizing Power Core from 10 to 5

    • Smartfab Units from 300 to 150.

    • This has reduced the required volume for a full build of a shipcaster beacon from 3,600m3 to 1,400m3.

  • Increased the radius of the Shipcaster Beacons so that players will now appear in a much wider area of space around them when jumping through.

  • Added FW Militia NPCs to completed shipcaster landing pads as guards. These NPCs are very similar to existing FW NPCs and will attack anyone who is not aligned with the faction which owns the shipcaster.

Alliance and Corporation Emblems - 2023 Ships

Paragon is proud to announce that Corporation and Alliance Emblems are available on the following ships:

  • Metamorphosis

  • Hubris

  • Valravn

  • Bane

  • Karura

  • Mekubal

  • Mamba

  • Khizriel

  • Alligator

  • Azariel

Emblems are available for purchase at Loyalty Point Stores within all Paragon Stations.

Corporation Projects

Corporation Projects is a tool that empowers corporation leaders to provide their members with direction, monitor their progress, and automatically reward them now too.

Corporation Project Manager Role

A new role, the "Project Manager," is being made available. Through this role, Corporation Leadership can empower its members in the creation of Corporation Projects. This project creation was previously only available to CEOs and directors.

Members with the Project Manager role can create, close, and delete projects. To be able to create project with payouts, they need to have access to one of the corporation wallets as well.

Duplication of Projects

An option has been added to allow project managers to duplicate existing or finished projects. When used, the Duplicate Project function opens the project creation form with all fields populated with the parameters of the original project.

Duplicate Project option is available for projects in all states: active, cancelled, closed; either from the right-click menu or through a button on the card or in the Project Details view.

Projects Payouts

  • Project creator sets the ISK to be paid per contribution, per unit of progress​.

  • Project creator needs access to one of the corp wallets and to have that wallet set as active.

  • Total amount is taken from the active corp wallet and moved to escrow​.

  • Contributors earn ISK entitlements with each contribution​, which reduces the amount of ISK in escrow.

  • Contributors can claim their project reward any time to get the funds in the wallet​.

  • Corp managers have an overview of the total money in escrow​.

  • Corp managers can see the list of contributors with their respective contributions and earnings.

  • Contributors can see how much money they earned from a project.

  • Contributors can see how much money there is to earn from a project and from all projects​.

  • On project cancellation, ISK in escrow are returned to corp master wallet​.

Additional Project Types

The following project types are being made available by AIR, bringing the available project types up to a total of 12. The majority of project parameters are optional allowing setting up projects with various restrictions.


Corporations can create this project to provide an ISK incentive for their members to scan signatures.

Available parameters:

  • Signature Type: Any, Combat Site, Data Site, Relic Site, Gas Site, Wormhole.

  • Solar System - the solar system in which the signatures should be scanned.

  • ISK reward per 100% scan of a signature.


This project type allows the corporation participating in Factional Warfare to guide its members towards the objectives of the war and reward them for their effort.

Available parameters:

  • Complex Type - the size of the complexes to be captured / defended.

  • Solar System - the solar system in which the complexes need to be captured / defended.

  • Faction to capture for / defending Faction - the faction you want to support.

  • ISK reward per participation in capturing / defending a complex.

AIR NPE - Secrets of New Eden

The AIR adventure and tutorial, now known as “Secrets of New Eden”, has been updated and will now onboard players to newer systems as well as a host of other improvements.

  • The AIR Career Program is now introduced in more depth, highlighting personal goal setting and rewards.

  • New capsuleers will learn to use the AIR Opportunities interface to discover and track content.

    • Within Opportunities the adventure has been split into two parts: “Baptism By Fire” and “Hidden Prospects”.

    • During part 2, Hidden Prospects, players can now pause the adventure any time they want, giving them greater freedom to explore what New Eden has to offer or meet up with friends - while still being able to return for the rest of the introduction when the time is right for them.

  • Objective tracking has been upgraded throughout much of the adventure.

  • Improved guidance for those who stray from the path to help bring them back into the adventure.

  • New sites have appeared at the sun in every starter system. The adventure will take capsuleers to one of these sites as part of their investigation into the mysterious attack on AIR’s cloning facility.

  • New conversations have been added, including an introduction to your local faction as you make your way to your first career agent mission.

  • Lastly, before saying farewell at the end of the experience, Aura will introduce capsuleers to the Agency’s Help section so they learn more about how to tackle whatever challenges they might face in the next steps of their journey.

AIR Opportunities 

AIR Opportunities has undergone a significant iteration to incorporate more types of content and improve navigation and usability throughout the entire interface, which now includes the following features:

  • Factional Warfare sites.

  • Epic Arcs.

  • Escalations.

  • Ice Belts.

  • Ore Anomalies.

  • Introductions.

  • The AIR NPE.

  • The New Eden Store tutorial, which is unlocked after accruing 750 Career Points in the AIR Career Program.

All content types now have their own feature page showing available/offered/active opportunities of that type.

  • A list view has been added and can be toggled on/off instead of the default card view in feature pages and other filtered pages.

  • Filters set for each feature persist while browsing between other features and tabs.

  • A sidebar has been added to the window for easier navigation and better overview of Features, Career Paths, and other tags.

  • Players who have not enlisted in Factional Warfare are now shown an enlistment section until they have enlisted, which then populates with available FW opportunities.

  • A "Display Feature" settings menu has been added for the ability to toggle individual feature display on/off. This is located in the lower left corner of the window’s sidebar.

  • More information is being shown on some Opportunity Cards, such as the payout of corporation projects, the agent type and level of missions, the NPC's of combat anomalies, the Epic Arc name of Epic Arc missions, and the site ID of anomalies in the current system.

  • More information is being shown in some Opportunity Details, such as an agent’s corporation, dungeon NPC's, dungeon difficulty, harvestable resources, and more.

  • Players can now search for Opportunities by solar system name and secondary text on cards.

The Opportunities section of the Info Panel has also been improved and updated in the following ways:

  • Entries can now be dragged up/down to rearrange them.

  • The section now has a max length and becomes scrollable when it’s too long.

  • Tracked agent missions are now displayed in the Opportunities info panel section. They used to be displayed in a separate agent mission section.

Outside of the Opportunities, Track/Untrack buttons have been added to:

  • Agent Mission conversation windows.

  • The Agency pages for Factional Warfare sites, Ice Belts, and Ore Anomalies.

Air Opportunities features a robust filtering and tracking functionality for available content types. Based on feedback received through playtesting with capsuleers over EVE Fanfest, filtering is now supported on a per content type level.

Photon Improvements

Custom color themes

Omega users are being granted the ability to customize individual colors in their UI color scheme, creating their own themes.

  • The Color Customization option allows Omega users the ability to edit and change the colors of the UI to their liking.

In addition, the empire themes that were previously locked by Omega status, will now be available to all Alpha users.

The color change option can be located under Settings - User Interface.


  • In-game typography now features two new sizes ‘Tiny’ and ‘Huge’

  • Normal font size (default) has been moved to be 14px instead of 13px.

  • Existing capsuleers will have their settings preserved by migrating them to the corresponding updated size.

Settings Menu

As part of Havoc, the Settings Menu has been granted more screen real estate. It is now full screen and will look and feel more modern.