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Heart torn from Racing League

2008-11-19 - 作者 Svarthol

NEW EDEN - In a recent turn of events, capsuleer Gyra Rho, the heart of the Interstellar Racing League for the last 5 seasons, was forced to quit her position as race planner, organiser and official judge due to overwhelming commitments dirtside.

In an official statement Ms Rho said 'Due to an unfortunate series of events, I will no longer be able to perform my duties as organizer of the Racing League...It is with a heavy heart that I do this on such short notice, but circumstances have diverted my time away from this project to the point where I will no longer be able to provide the same level of commitment that I used to.' She went on to say 'For those that may be interested in seeing this project continue, I will be accepting applications for a replacement over the following week. I am looking for a trustworthy and committed individual who has an intimate understanding of the project and a similar level of passion for racing.' Ms Rho than thanked all the racers who were committed to the league and closed her official statement by saying 'Thank you all for indulging my sadist tendencies and taking part in these events.'

The Racing League has been saved from fading into memory by three capsuleers, two of whom are racers themselves, they are Killjoy Tseng, who oversees the official running of each race, Miette Delzahn, who runs the business side and the charming Quintrala, who is in charge of Public Relations.

They have not taken over the League directly but setup a new one that runs on very similar principles to the old, the new league has been named the Interstellar Racing Championship [ISRC].  All the points that have been accumalated by the individual racers and their teams from the ISGC have been preserved and transferred to the ISRC, also once this season is over, the ISRC will go on to host Season 7.

Ms Rho will be surely missed after working so hard to bring so much joy and grief to so many racers, and on a personal note this reporter for one will miss her unique touch that she brought to every race.

The next scheduled race is on Sunday, 23rd November, starting at 20:00. For more information, please visit the official ISRC site.