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Initial Ardishapur speaking engagements ''doing well''

2010-04-26 - 作者 Svarthol

As Yonis Ardishapur's speaking tour continues through the Empire, initial reports indicate the events are gaining in success. Held mainly in churches and other areas of religious gathering, the Heir has attracted sizable crowds. While many of the venues can hold several thousand safely, seats have been taken quickly, leading to some being turned away at the door. In addition to those in attendance, tens of thousands have watched broadcasts of the engagements.

Commenting on the popularity of the events, a factory worker from Romi stated, “It's not every day you get to see an Heir in person. The nearest I'd ever seen before was Lord Kador's vehicle passing by during a parade. And he makes perfect sense, too! I never thought the royalty were so much in touch with the common faith.”

The Royal Heir's celebrity is only one factor in the popularity of the events, however. “He speaks of times of glory and how to regain what we've given up, and his suggestions are remarkably apposite,” remarked one Holder. “It would be wise of us to give him credence.”

The initial positive reaction to the events has encouraged Ardishapur, who recently announced plans to expand the tour to larger venues, along with broadcast deals that would project his speeches into less-inhabited areas.