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Insurgency: A Stabilizing Force in the North?

2008-03-26 - 作者 Svarthol

Over the last six months Insurgency has carved out a small piece of the North gaining four stations. The 1,400 member alliance took these stations from the New Northern Coalition consisting of several alliances including Phoenix Allianz, Stella Polar, Majesta Empire, Guardian Federation, and Rare Faction.

The question being asked now by many of Insurgency's new neighbors is whether or not Insurgency will be a stabilizing or a destabilizing force in the North. Neighbors like Triumvirate., Morsus Mihi, and RAZOR Alliance have a vested interest in maintaining a stable North while they are engaged in the so-called Great Southern War.

Butter Dog, one of many alliance leaders within Insurgency, affirms that although their war with the New Northern Coalition created a small amount of instability in the North that in the end Insurgency’s victory over the Coalition will lead to greater stability in the North.

Darkness, a representative of Triumvirate. seems to agree with this saying, “I think Insurgency has replaced a handful of smaller and perhaps weaker alliances with a larger, stronger one, and that for me can only mean a stronger North.” Darkness went on to describe how Triumvirate.’s relationship with Insurgency was very violent in the beginning but that now the two alliances have more respect for each other; nevertheless Triumvirate. views this relationship as being one of neutrality, not friendship . He also added, “We’re naturally happy to have an enemy with skill and numbers next to us as it will keep our members busy and on their feet.”

In a recent review of Insurgency's history on Galnet, darth solo, the leader of the alliance, described how Triumvirate. and Morsus Mihi have also redefined their relationship with Insurgency from one of friendship to one of neutrality. While a state of war does not exist, skirmishing is taking place, and warnings have been issued by these alliances through fleet demonstrations in the North; however, darth solo is sure that Insurgency still has friends in Morsus Mihi and RAZOR Alliance even though both allowed members of the New Northern Coalition to attack Insurgency from their territories.

Orree, a diplomat and member of Morsus Mihi's high command, stated “If it was ever our aim to put a stop to what happened (referring to Insurgency's campaign against the New Northern Coalition) we certainly could have.” He confirmed that Morsus Mihi had redefined its relationship from one of friendship to one of neutrality with Insurgency during their campaign. He also pointed out that many “entities up here are unsure of what will happen and I believe that is causing a bit of mistrust and questioning of intentions.”

ISD made several attempts to contact a member of RAZOR Alliance for a comment on this subject, but we were unable to do so. One can only guess that their view of Insurgency's arrival on the scene mirror those of Triumvirate. and Morsus Mihi.

The future of the North is not clear from these statements made by the alliances involved. What we do know is that another major alliance has made its home there. We will have to wait and see if this leads to stability or instability in the North.