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Ishukone Corporation establishes disaster relief program

2008-05-15 - 作者 Svarthol

Malkalen – Still reeling from today’s unprovoked atrocity, the Ishukone Corporation has released a statement announcing the formation of an emergency disaster relief program. The damage caused by the impact of the FNS Wandering Saint on the Ishukone Headquarters station has left many survivors trapped within the superstructure, and while repair and rescue crews are battling to rescue them, efforts are hampered by chemical fires, extensive power failures and the constant threat of further decompressions and detonations.

Jeanna Kishuo, an Ishukone official helping co-ordinate efforts from the nearby Ishukone Watch station revealed that "there’s no proper chain of command right now – everyone’s doing everything they can but we can’t get access to the Corporation’s general funds because there’s nobody around who can authorize it." When asked what else could be done, she replied "get the news out to the capsuleers – we’re bleeding here, and if they want to do any damn good tell them we need supplies hauled in yesterday! We’re running out of critical hardware and people are dying right now because of it!"

Buy orders for the needed items, including antibiotics and hydrogen batteries, have been placed by Ishkuone representiative Jeanna Kishuo at Malkalen III – Ishukone Watch Assembly Plant using the remaining available funds. Ishukone has appealed to all loyal Caldari citizens to fill these orders as quickly as possible in order that further loss of life be avoided.