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Keeping CCP on Trac

2006-10-19 - 作者 CCP Hellmar

I apologize in advance for the frivolous nature of this blog in light of our recent operational issues but we have a 40 day plan at the end of which we will have 73% more hamsters powering Tranquility and Kali deployed.

Now what I wanted talk about in this blog was completely different. As CCP has grown we have been improving our information systems and processes.

We are utilizing the open source project Trac for this purpose, with good results.

Now we'd like to see if we could somehow contribute back by assisting Edgewall Software in pushing their excellent Roadmap along.

Even though we have many capable programmers here in house which could do this, we would rather have them focus their efforts on improving EVE Online..

If there is anything I have learned about the EVE Community in the past 7 years is that it's full of highly qualified people, some of which even have extensive experience in participating in open source projects.

So my question to you is whether we anyone here which would like to participate in a modest experiment to bring more hands on deck to advance Trac?

If so please state your interest either to kieron, in the blog's discussion thread or just directly through Edgewall's We Need Your Help Page.