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Khumaak motion passed - Sebiestor councilman resigns amid flurry of allegations

2004-03-15 - 作者 Svarthol

This morning the Minmatar Tribal Council reached a decision on the highly controversial issue of the Khumaak's banning. The proposal for the motion's modification put forth by representatives of the Brutor Tribe last Wednesday was accepted unanimously by all the tribes, and the motion is expected to pass through Parliament and into law by the end of the week.

The finalized motion calls for the Khumaak to be kept on the list of sanctioned fleet, military and state apparel but places a ban on its public display at specified occasions and gatherings, most of which involve contact with Amarrian dignitaries. Dissenting voices have claimed that the ban in its current form is nothing more than a token ban, as its wording theoretically permits any Minmatar to wear a Khumaak to any occasion as long as the weapon is kept covered up.

One dissenting voice, however, had even more to say: Bolwin Amrisar, a senior councilman for the Sebiestor Tribe, announced his resignation only twenty minutes after the motion's passing, claiming disgust at the "political puppetry that's turning our Republic into a mockery of its former self." He then went on to state that PM Karin Midular had been pulling the strings behind the scenes for so long, she'd forgotten that there was an actual political process to go through.

Asked by reporters for further explanation, the councilman leveled allegations at PM Midular to the effect that she had, prior to the motion, dealt with high-level officials within the Amarr government to secure the release and return of a large number of Minmatar slaves from still-active colonies in return for the Khumaak's banning at occasions where Amarr emissaries would be present. Seeing the stand-off caused by the initial motion, she had then deliberately directed harsh words at protestors in order to spur the Brutor tribe into action, utilizing inside contacts among the Brutor to make sure that their proposal for compromise would be to the satisfaction of all parties. "Obviously these kinds of machinations do not belong in civilized halls of government. There are procedures to go through, rules to be followed. If we are to call ourselves a Republic, we must act like one."

Members of the Tribal Council were quick to dismiss Amrisar's accusations, stating that no such deal could have been made without people becoming aware of it. Responding to the allegations, PM Karin Midular stated only, "I do what is best for my people, in any way I can. That is all anyone should need concern themselves with."