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Lapsed Upkeep Payments Remap Null-Sec Sovereignty

2010-02-01 - 作者 Svarthol

AJI-MA, Delve - Sovereignty claims upon almost 100 null-sec systems were dissolved between the 20 - 26.01.112 as the corporations GoonFleet, The xDeathx Squadron and a number of corporations in Wildly Inappropriate. alliance failed to pay the required upkeep charges for their territorial claim units and infrastructure upgrades.

In the early hours of 26.01.112, GoonSwarm corporation GoonFleet lost sovereignty over 30 systems across Delve, Querious and Period Basis after automatic payment of the upkeep bills failed due to depleted funds in the main wallet division of the corporation.

Enemies of GoonSwarm in IT Alliance [-IT-] and Against ALL Authorities [.-A-.] were quick to respond to the changes, pushing into the fallen systems. Against ALL Authorities took 3 systems in Querious while IT seized sovereignty over 8 systems in Delve, including the outpost in NOL-M9. (This outpost was hotly fought over in two previous wars in Delve, between GoonSwarm and Band of Brothers/KenZoku, whose corporations now are part of IT Alliance.) Relative new-comers and IT allies Black Star Alliance also sent forces from their new territories in Fountain, capturing 8 systems and the outpost in 8WA-Z6.

In a recent "State of the Goonion" address, The Mittani of GoonSwarm explained how the wallet crisis arose. "The directorate's ISK-related function is inaccessible due to the structure of our wallet corporation, which strongly interferes with our ability to reimburse lost capitals, pay sov. bills and fuel towers; essentially everything that you would expect a functioning alliance to do." The GoonSwarm finiancial structure was revamped following former leader Remedial's theft of the GoonSwarm Titan Fund; the restructuring placed alliance funds under the control of the "Goonie Hand Social Club" corporation. According to The Mittani's broadcast, those individuals with access to the main wallet were unavailable at the time of the shortfall.

Sovereignty warfare in Delve and Querious has been relatively quiet for the last few days as the war's focus has shifted to high-end moon mining installations.

Xeliya of Destructive Influence (an IT Alliance corporation) stated "We have been taking highend non-stop, something like 10 highends in last day or so. We also reinforced most Goon [jump-]bridges and all of the main ones so all the people who came back the other night for break-outs are now stranded, as Goon titans for the most part have moved out."

GoonSwarm still holds considerable territory in Delve and Querious, but the "State of the Goonion" address claims these systems hold no strategic value and that irreplacable strategic locations were lost with the capital staging outpost in J-LPX7 and the main market and rally point in NOL-M9.

In the wake of these events, the broadcast went on to claim that GoonSwarm would be withdrawing to Delve and returning to their old home in Syndicate - the region where, once upon a time, a small band of young Goons were camped into a station by an alliance called "Band of Brothers" and a hatred born that has shaped large portions of null-sec ever since.

Wildly Inappropriate. [WI.] were also already involved in a fight for their territory when the bill paying error occurred. SOLAR FLEET and Red Alliance have now whittled down WI. to a single outpost in LS-JEP in Vale of the Silent.

The third large alliance to lose systems after their upkeep payments bounced, Legion of xXDeathXx, were far more fortunate and able to move quickly to recapture many of the systems they lost.

While rumours of director-level spies, infiltrators or CONCORD database errors abounded following the radical changes to the sovereignty map, none of these held up under close scrutiny and CONCORD spokesman Ray Burnwade has confirmed that this is simply a case of financial miscalculation as alliances adjust to the new upkeep system.

Burnwade gave this official statement: "The null-sec based alliance GoonSwarm lost CONCORD acknowledgement of its sovereign claim over 30 starsystems, 15 of them containing outposts in the early hours of January 26th due to a failure to pay maintenance fees for the systems. Similar issues have been experienced by the Wildly Inappropriate and Legion of xXDEATHXx alliances.“

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