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Mamet holder rewards CVA with prized slave breeding stock

2005-03-14 - 作者 Svarthol

Today, Marin Ankigher released a statement via Amarr Certified News. The aged Holder of the Mamet system has decided to release five hundred of the purest bred slaves into the care of the CVA. The Ankigher family is renowned in private slave-trading circles for their breeding programmes. Mr Ankigher stated:

“For as long as I can remember, Mamet has been a troubled system. As close to unsafe space as possible, we have had to deal with crime, poverty and the odd outlaw incursion. With the business that the CVA brings us by making use of the facilities on one of the orbital station my system (Mamet IV - Moon 6 - Zoar and Sons Factory) holds, they have been a great help to our system’s economy.

In recognition of their services to the Empire and in particular, the Mamet system, I have decided to award them with no less the five hundred slaves from my personal stocks. Bred specifically for their pliability, this stock of highly indoctrinated Sebiestor slaves are docile enough to function as trustworthy personal servants. It took me and my family long arduous decades to breed these slaves. I can imagine no greater gift to deliver to the CVA.

I will contact the CVA representatives privately, to arrange the transport”

Although it is not common that Holders publicly support paramilitary organizations like the CVA, the Mamet system, only two jump away from the 0.0 region Providence, has been troubled in the past by Sansha incursions, famines and general economic failure. It cannot be denied that CVA presence has brought more stability to the system.