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Mordu's Legion and Imperium: Tensions Are Mounting.

2005-12-02 - 作者 Svarthol

This week we saw another sortie of Mordu's Legion forces into Empire space. Just a few nights ago a well-armed expeditionary force ,commanded by Lt. Amlerik Raun, had entered the system of Shenda and proceeded to systematically lock down all the exits and stargates of the system. The aim of the enterprise, according to the second in command, Lt. Kikui Viraki, was to 'contain forces of Imperium Alliance and engage them with extreme prejudice.' Apparently, Mordu's spies have kept a constant eye on Imperium pilots and this was the best time to contain few High-ranking Imperium officials in one system. The strife between Mordu's Legion and Imperium began, as our readers will recall, after NORAD and Imperium vessels have attacked Mordu's convoys in 4C-B7X as well as the previous assaults on Legion's interests in Outer Ring systems.

As the fleet entered Shenda, Lt. Raun announced: 'Mordu's Legion is here for the pilots from the Imperium Alliance. We have not forgotten your actions in the past and you will be shot down on sight.' At this point Legion's forces proceeded to systematically 'lock-down' the solar system, the pilots from VOTF, including their CEO Mr. XirtamVotf, were effectively camped-in within the stations. The tension rose significantly after some previously neutral pod-pilots called to Imperium, VOTF and Mr. XirtamVotf to come out and engage the Mordu's.

One of the pilots, Mme. Sabatour of Blood Inquisition, went as far as to actively engage the Legion and demanded that Imperium came to her aid. As Mordu's Legion forces tried to track down Sabatour's lone Rifter frigate most of Imperium contingent chose to remain within the confines of the station and avoided an active conflict. After about forty minutes to an hour of dynamic scanning Lt. Raun relinquished the hostile intent toward Mme. Sabatour and commanded his forces to withdraw.

After Mordu's Legion forces withdrew from the system, and traffic was allowed to resume, I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. XirtamVotf and had the benefit of his opinions on the situation. According to him, the tactical decision not to engage was due to the fact that VOTF was engaged in a peaceful mining operation and was not prepared for a sneak attack by Mordu's fleet. He went further to repudiate the pod-pilots, who claimed that Imperium has 'lost its nerve', by saying that they did not have all relevant tactical and strategic information to lay such claims in the first place, and that since VOTF and Imperium were outnumbered they chose not to actively engage the enemy.

When I asked if Imperium will ever make a public apology which Mordu's Legion demands, Mr. XirtamVotf's answer was simple and unequivocal: 'No, they wont get one.' He went further to state that 'IMP doesn't give in to demands of anyone.' I also asked if he believes that in the future VOTF and Imperium will be able to engage the Legion on their own terms, so to speak, provided that they don't sneak up on the mining-ops. Mr. Mr. XirtamVotf responded by declaring: 'We will take it as it comes, if we have the numbers we will engage, if we do not have the number then we wont.'

The relations between Mordu's Legion and Imperium alliance are strained to a breaking point at this time. We all know that Mordus are not easily appeased and do not give up their claims in a hurry. One can only hope that some sort of diplomatic solution can be achieved between the two parties. The Legion has shown its resolve to disregard any and all obstacles in order to achieve their goals. It would seem that they would continue to hunt and hurt Imperium whenever and wherever they can. It also means that Empire Space is no longer 'safe'; Mordu's Legion, with their intrusion into .5 system, have exposed the gross inadequacy of Empire defences. Mordu's High Council has refused to respond to any of this reporter's request for comment. The destruction of property and the loss of life are going to be terrific, should both parties choose military means over the peaceful solutions available to them