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New Eden Open II signups closed - auction now live!

2014-01-22 - 作者 CCP Gargant

The sign-ups for the New Eden Open II have now been closed. This means the silent auction for spots in the tournament is now live!

As stated in the dev blogs announcing and detailing the tournament, the silent auction closes at 23:59:59 UTC on the 23rd of January and bids submitted after that will not be accepted.

Captains of teams that are signed up can send their bid to the character 'CCP Alliance Tournament' to try and secure a spot in the tournament. Once you have submitted your bid via EVEmail to CCP Alliance Tournament, you put up a contract assigned to the character with the amount of PLEX you bid. Only then will your entry into the silent auction be accepted. The 5 PLEX used to sign up will then be added to your bid, to make the final amount of PLEX you bid towards a spot.

If your bid secures you a spot in the tournament at the end of the silent auction, the contract will be accepted and you will be notified via EVEmail. After the silent auction ends, there will be a random draw for the last 3 spots in the tournament where those teams that didn't secure a spot have a chance to get in.

Teams that still have pending invites and/or have more than 12 members in their team after the silent auction ends, will be contacted to finalize the roster. Any characters that did not have an invite before downtime on the 20th of January are not eligible to participate. 

If you have any questions, come over to the EVE Alliance Tournament Discussion forum! The tournament team hangs around there to answer as many questions as possible.